Welcome back…sorta!

Hi all,

Welcome back to my twisted and warped world in Second Life ™.  Last time we spoke, my sisters and I were saying goodbye to our old blog, ShopGasm and all pursuing new adventures.

What have I been up to?  Well, RL has taken a very huge chunk of my time and for that I am incredibly grateful.

School has been going well and for the first time in the history of ever…I’ve been on honor roll (aka The Dean’s List) every term!  I took a few stumbles but in the end pushed through and hopefully…onward and upward!

In SL, yes, I still DJ.  But…I’ve also ventured into learning to make clothes.

My greatest accomplishment to date however is my family.  I finally met my Mister Right and have settled down and have been blessed with the most wonderful of blessings!! That’s right…I’M A MOM!!!  My love and I have two beautifully amazing children, a boy (six and manniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish) and a girl (five and a true diva).  Our adventures of late have been an eye opening experience.

A lot of growing in the past year.  Changing my mindset, learning new things, starting to see the world differently.  Growing and changing…that’s what life is about.  We learn, we prosper, some of us procreate (hehehehe).  And every step has brought me closer to a better version of me.

But along that exploration of expanding our home, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: my love of shopping!!  And of exploring.  So…this blog, while not being updated every day or even every week, will show some of my latest discoveries in the world of SL shopping.  I might even throw in a “thinking” post or two.

We’ll see…the virtual world is my oyster!! And I am more than happy to share at least some of it…with you.

Welcome back guys! MWAH! ❤