Channeling Alicia (a little bit)

There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another. But powerless to use this blessing for love themselves.” ~ Alicia Keys

So last night I was pruning my inventory and got the NC from Glitterati poses that they had not one, but four items up for Fifty Linden Fridays (FLF) for those who don’t know what it is.  I immediately jumped in the vip group and asked, “are they out…NOW?” to which I received a resounding yes.  I didn’t even toss on pants I just ran over there, scooped them up, cackled with maniacal glee and poofed home. Thanks Katey! ^.^

Anyway…she has a new prop out called ‘Boxy’ which is a redux version of the bigger version, which in turn is an update to her small cube of poses (yes…confusing but you’ll just have to go see them all :P).  I didn’t get to take piccies in all colors, but there’s a good 8 color backgrounds to choose from (including red, black, light blue, yellow, pale green, lilac and a few others) and about 6 poses…perfect for someone just starting their pose collection (or a pose whore like moi who still doesn’t remember what all she’s amassed over the years).

As I was playing with my poses and listening to the radio, one of my favorite artists came on and I had to channel her at least a little bit.  So I tossed on this cute outfit from mah girl Dev Damone and rocked it out with a few pieces I already had in inventory including my super cute mesh army boots from Eneyla’s Creations (everything [well almost everything] in her store is L$99 and is pretty awesome so check her out!) and my shades of awesome from Gos. To bring on the channeling, I put on a hair from Fab-U-Lous that reminded me of Ms. Keys and well…here’s the end result.

Pose 1 - Boxy FLF
Look at me all dramatic! LMAO
Boxy (FLF version): Pose 1
Pose 6 - Boxy (FLF)
Put your hands on the wall and don’t make any sudden moves! *giggles*
Boxy (FLF) Pose 6 (I think…)

Sorry the piccies aren’t the best quality…but I was sleepy, I was channeling and trying not to give in to the lyrics of the song and start a cryfest. Did I channel Miss Keys even a little? I hope so!

Here’s the song and the really piss poor deets which I will update tonight when I get home from work and can access the internet a little better.

Ciao for now kidlets!! MWAH! ❤ Kilo


hair: Fab-U-Lous
piercings: Puncture
earrings: Artizana
lipstick: Glamorize
outfit: Devilish Designs
boots: Eneyla’s Creations
pose: Glitterati

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