Limited Editions: A Marketplace Quickie …

So I’ve been in cognito for a bit.  Between school IRL (getting my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting … yay), work (I’m an Accounting Assistant IRL – O.O) and trying to keep my head on straight…just been busy.  I have a few projects that are being waylaid at the moment, but I shall return to them soon.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway…in preparation for one of my upcoming projects for this here blog (this blog right here :P), I slipped into one of my favorite designers and just kicked back this morning listening to Mark Gungor and Chris Rock.  Now why I love this outfit: it’s simple.  Seriously…this limited edition (complete with boots, not seen here because I switched them) piece of awesome is full of color, comfy and the leggings don’t make my butt look bigger than it really is (SCORE!!). Add that this whole look, save the jewels was made possible by lazing about and looking on marketplace and yup you guessed it … BONUS POOOOOOOOOOOOOINTS!! There’ll be more posts about this designer coming really soon so stay tuned 🙂


top & leggings: Artizana (This outfit no longer avail – but she’s got a lot of kick ass stuff that IS)

boots: –SKIFIJA– Absinth_v0.2_ANKLE BOOTS (BLACK) – only 25L on MP (can’t beat that!!)

jewelry: ADORN “Shoji” Set::Haiti Relief (no longer available)

location: The Land of Make Believe


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  1. Dainie

    Thanks for the mention, girl! Looking good!! I’ll be cooking up some new designs this weekend. :))

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