Project #1: My Own Store…?

Finally! One project has come to fruition!  For the past few years I’ve blogged and thought to myself, “what if?”

Well…for now…it’s a start…we’ll see how far I can ride this sucka…

Introducing KJ Immortal Apparel (KJIm Apparel for short) on the marketplace –

Right now the only product up are the Taunt pum-pum set, but as my inspiration grows, so will this beast and experiment.  The item featured today on this blog is regular price. BUT…unlike the other colors, 100% of sales (less any fees deducted from Linden Labs at the point of sale) will be donated to RFL (Relay for Life).

Taunt Ad-Bubblegum Pink

This project will hopefully only get bigger and better. And hopefully you’ll enjoy whatever comes. ^.^
Have a good Monday everyone!

Direct link to item:


outfit: KJIm Apparel (only available on marketplace)
hair: LeLutka