A Zen-Like Vintage Tease ;)

Titillation Reclined
Blacklace’s Titillate for TGIF
Photography by Suitelady DeCuir

It’s been ages since my sister Suite (of the “The Suite Life” Blog and Co-Owner of DieNasty Clothing) has had me on a pose stand to shoot me.  And when I mentioned to her what I was hoping to do with the newest TGIF Yummy from Blacklace, she yanked me on one and boy am I glad!!  Hands down my favorite photog on the grid, I always consider it an honor to be shot by her.

Blacklace Composite
Photography by Suitelady DeCuir

Add that the Vintage Fair has provided me with my favorite hair to date and my new shoes I can’t seem to take off (I think they’re stuck! LMAO) and my classic diamond set from EarthStones that I received from my loving family for Mother’s Day (love you all! MWAH!) … and all is right with the world. What I love about each aspect of these particular designs is the details.

N-Core has made a WONDERFUL shoe that is not only unique but also is incredibly detailed.  The grain of the wood on the soles of the shoe, the curl underneath on the ball…it all just makes for a very striking shoe.  Add the height of the heel and you’ll be walking tall in and out of bath houses for centuries to come 😉

What I love about Blacklace’s item for this week is that it is not only simple, but carries that signature tease of Betty Page with the partially covered bottom that peeks from underneath…something I LOVE when it comes to underwear.  Really ladies…your butt doesn’t need to be all cheeked out for the world to see in order to be sexy. Men appreciate a little mystery 😉  The bra of this set is highlighting a unique color (at least on my screen) which pulls the eye…bringing focus to one’s assets but appreciating the piece as well.  Perhaps this color is a hint to what is coming color scheme wise in the fall?

Wasabi Pills, a hair store that is quickly becoming my go-to for mesh hair, nailed vintage with this gorgeous number.  I have been on the grid for 5 years. Although I have had vintage hairs prior to this, none have quite worked so well with my shape. This one compliments it perfectly. The sweep of the hair in the back and how it gently lies on my shoulder without being “too” overbearing leaves a more natural look to the hair, which compliments it perfectly.

If you haven’t been to Vintage Fair, then I strongly suggest you go!  Tons of good stuff there and who know…you just might find your inner Betty Page 😉 Thank you again to my wonderful sister for the photographs; here is the last one in the set.  You should really consider using her…she’s affordable, specializes in inworld shots and has an amazing eye!

Poised Pinup
Just wow. She makes me look good!
Photography by Suitelady DeCuir

Ciao for now, kiddos!

❤ Kilo


hair: Wasabi Pills (this style is currently only avail at Vintage Fair)

bra/panties: Blacklace (it’s their TGIF – so 99L  go grab before the weekend is out!)

jewelry: EarthStones

shoes of win: N-Core (she has limited edition versions at Vintage Fair…these are avail at main store)

guest photog: Suitelady DeCuir, Owner of The Suite Life blog and Co-Owner of DieNasty Clothing (CHECK HER OUT SHE’S AWESOME!)

Vintage Fair Links to Stores and maps: http://www.chic-management.com/?page_id=1437