Solo by Envious…

It’s amazing how the name of a piece can have so many meanings, symbolize so many things and still be a standout statement all on its own.  At least that’s what I thought when this wonderful outfit hit my notices today.  Introducing Envious Creation’s newest release “Solo”.

Solo by Envious

The word solo can mean so many things and seeing this outfit sparked every meaning I could think of.  The drum solo in one of my all-time favorite movies, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, sprang to mind immediately.  The opening sequence of it includes a drumming sequence by the movie’s heroine, a girl named Watts.  Watts wasn’t anything special. A tomboy, picked on by even the most dreadful students in school and her best friend, who she was in love with, was predictably in love with the prettiest girl in school.  The best friend, a “loner” like her eventually goes out with the girl of his dreams and this whole exchange ensues about how she would rather be with someone for the wrong reasons than alone for the right ones (again…a reference to going solo).  Keith [the guy/hero/best friend] simply says “I’d rather be right”.  Well of course by the end of the movie, Watts gets the boy, Amanda [school beauty] realizes she’d rather be right for a change and stand alone and yay happy ending.

As cheesy as the movie was (though poignant I suppose for the 80’s), I loved that throughout the movie the running theme was standing up for one’s own beliefs…and not giving a care as to if that meant standing alone.  That’s what permeated through the movie for me.

Now…I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth this has to do with fashion right? Right. So let me get to that.  I’ve been a long time fan of Envious and for the most part, Saya’s designs are pretty standout, always making solo pieces versus a piece in a million colors (guilty!), but even in her individuality, she usually plays it on the safe side as far as color selection.  Her fashions are typically sexy but with that flirt of cute.  Even her edgy options have that “cute” quality.  But this piece…this beautiful work of art…is a standout piece all its own.  The colors and pattern are eye catching, summoning tons of earth tones while keeping the funky edge punctuated by the spikes of metal throughout the dress.  The pattern itself is bold and daring without being run-of-the-mill and cute.  This is a more mature look that adds edge and oomph! in a collection that while edgy at times, can often play more on the youthful side of edge.

“Solo” on the other hand is all woman.  This piece shows a maturity and development of style as it strays away from softer colors or monochrome by adding in a blending of hues that make for something rich and  substantial but still a very wearable piece of art. Pairing it with the leggings and combat boots take what could be a cocktail dress and adds an edgier layer of casual that you simply don’t see very often and gives you a bit of variety in one look.  You can … pair this up with some high heels, ditch the leggings and bracelets.  Orrrrr…you can go total punk rock bad ass and use the look as is. Add that this outfit comes fully equipped with jewelry AND boots and well damn…do you really need to do much else than your makeup and hair? I don’t think so!

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me…that screams rebel, grown up and stand-alone when it comes to an outfit. And is definitely worth its name.  I’m not sure if this sort of pursuit of pattern and color will be a new direction for Envious Creations, but I can’t wait to see what she puts out next.


Outfit: Solo by Envious Creations [SLurl]
Hair: Colbie by Truth [SLurl]

p.s. If you’ve never heard the solo at the beginning of “Some Kind of Wonderful” here’s a peek at the opening of the movie 🙂  Enjoyyyyy!!