Simply Relaxing…

A moment of peace and quiet…

It’s rare that this house is quiet. I remember when I used to revel in the silence on my work platform; not setting roots.

I had tried the community living thing before and it simply didn’t work out.  Neighbors stealing my then daughter’s Christmas gifts from under the tree (yes I am serious), higher cost of living and getting less back. It really wasn’t something I needed when my very first children were no longer there. I even went as far as sectioning off a part of my store’s parcel to carve out a little space for myself once I had a second family & later, after that situation changed, I never bothered to try to set roots again. I’ve lived in other homes since, but nothing that was mine. That was almost a year ago.

Now my house is full of sounds from dem babies running around, their laughter, the laughter of my other children who are almost grown and visitors. This house has been given breath; becoming alive. From painted walls and spaghetti all over the floor, to horsey rides, movie nights and food fights in the dining room, this house has become a home.

I know that there are a lot of parents and caregivers that feel so free when their kids aren’t home because they’re always on the run with them, but I’m just happy they have a safe place to come to with someone they trust and a community at large who look out for them when they wander around the neighborhood making new friends.

It’s because of this that while the kids aren’t here this morning, I can feel their presence in everything I touch, in the empty of the house, the birds chirping, our frog ribbiting and the pin dropping. It is the knowing that they are always in our home in spirit and in my heart always that I can get up this morning just before work and simply…relax.

2014-08-19_003❤ Kilo


Clothings & Accessories:

Jeans: Mesh Cuffed Skinny Jeans w/ Black Belt by Zee [SLurl]
Sneakers: Shady Shoes LE by Envious [SLurl]
Top: Part of the Dream Outfit [SLurl]
Hair: UDE609 hair black w/ cornrows hairbase black by Boon [SLurl]
Sisters Necklace: Earthstones [SLurl]
M Necklace – gift from my youngest daughter, so no idea. I just know that the M stands for Mommy 🙂
Earrings: Bokeh – Ohm Earrings ‘Silver’ [Marketplace]
Nails: Jamman – Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V6 [SLurl]
Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable


Living Room: Living Mica by *AR* [SLurl]
Dining Room: NACH [SLurl]
House: Barnesworth Anubis [SLurl]
Kitchen: Le Bistro [Marketplace]