Tadeu Gartner – Ice Bucket Challenge (Brazil/Second Life)

One of the most influential people in both my Second and First life gave me a firsthand introduction to ALS better known as Lou Gherig’s disease.

For the past month or so, I’m sure your social media pages have been littered with regular people and celebrities combined doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What this challenge does is so much bigger than people being silly and pouring a bucket (or in several cases 2-3 buckets) of ice water over themselves as a way “out” of donating to ALS research. It’s also raising awareness and some who have doused themselves with water have actually donated as well.

This is a disease I know very little about. I only know what my friend taught us when she told us her story. But I know that from watching people who have it, listening to their stories, and seeing how family members handle their loved ones with this disease that not enough is being done to research it. This movement alone has raised more than $32 million dollars in donations and I am proud to have done my part to help with this fundraiser.

Below is a blog post talking about the SL version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The youtube video is in french, but you get the point. Click the link in the blog post to get your bucket for the challenge and let’s stamp out ALS!

Tadeu Gartner

Tadeu Gartner
Second Life | Linden Lab

ALS Association – Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
ELA (Esclerose Lateral Amiotrófica)

Gesture to Words, Bucket with animation & HUD Bucket Colors )
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| Vídeo Tadeu Gartner – Ice Bucket Challenge  |

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