Moving Day…Sunday Kind of Love

So I have to say, some days…it truly takes a village to raise a Kilo.  And today was no exception.  I was having every possible shiny moment this morning while I visited with my family.  I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to do outside of wear these shoes.  These shoes…these shoes right here (points to the picture) are the new Glamistry heels.  And they are just to die for.  What I love about his work just makes me drool. I’m seriously a fangirl for his shoes.  He has exquisite texturing and a flawless hud that is easy to use.  I’d only say maybe more color options but shooo…I can make this work, mayne! I can and I doooo… anyway back to the story (see I can’t focus for nothin! LOLOL)

So in trying to figure out what to wear with these droolworthy shoes, I found myself just having no ability to concentrate!  I would have gone around nekkid but I hear you can be sim banned for that soooo…yeah. But anyway, couldn’t find clothes because ooh more shiny objects! Ooh..web page…focus gone. Song came on? Life became a sing-a-long.  Had it not been for my niece who was busy moving into her new home this weekend with her new mom (congratulations Kaylee & Rucker!! Yayness!). I don’t think I would have managed to finally get dressed.  So sufficed to say when I did, I parked it and just enjoyed the love of my family.


I sat and watched Kaylee place all of her furniture just so and at once point zoned out only to return to her upside down in the clothing bin (see…maybe today isn’t meant for concentrating). But they were patient while I tried to sort out a look for today.  Or maybe it was…entertained…hmm…I dunno. I just know they are patient and love me. And that’s that good kind of love right there.  It made me think of this song Sunday Kind of Love.  Not for romantic purposes but more for my family and the fact that they somehow manage to put up with my shiny moment…moments, my giggles, my rage, my quiet, my storms and everything in between. They’re all encompassing. Like that love that lasts all day, every day.  They’re my village and they have helped me become a better me.  They til my soil, cultivate the crazy yard that is my mind and who I am becoming is the fruit of their labor, their love, their arms holding me tight and loving me every day. They are my Sunday … my Sunday kind of love. And with that…a little Ella to close out the night.

❤ Miss Kilo


Clothings & Accessories:

Top: Zaara : Ashima blouse *forest* [SLurl]
Skirt: Zaara : [Mesh] Kavya summer pants *ebony* [SLurl]
Shoes: Glamistry – RAMONDA Heels [PF1014] [SLurl]
Hair: >TRUTH< Tymber w/Roots – espresso [SLurl]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High [SLurl]
M Necklace – gift from my youngest daughter, so no idea. I just know that the M stands for Mommy 🙂
Earrings: MG – Earrings – Athena [SLurl]

Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable