Prepping the Reindeer for Next Year…

While wandering through the woods, I stumbled upon a cute lil reindeer who was foraging for food. She whispered to me that she wants to be one of Santa’s reindeer next year so I looked through my inventory and found this magical food that helps the reindeer grow big and strong so that when Santa comes looking for them, they stand out more (and it makes them poop glitter…).

Cora the Reindeer
Cora the Reindeer

Indebted to me for the magical food and the story of how Santa finds his reindeer, she gave me a graceful bow before trotting off to enjoy her reindeer games.

And now, I too must be off to continue my exploring adventures in SL.  Happy holidays!

❤ Miss Kilo


Clothings & Accessories:

Top: :[P]:- Varren Chestplate :// Poe from the :[P]:- Literary Warrior (Poe) Outfit. [SLurl]
Skirt: :[P]:- Rylithea Skirt :// Poe from the :[P]:- Literary Warrior (Poe) Outfit. [SLurl]
Shoes: Glamistry – ANGELICA Heels [PF1007] [SLurl]
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lolita –  black & whites [SLurl]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High [SLurl]

Horns: *~*Illusions*~* Nivicola Horns [SLurl]
M Necklace – gift from my youngest daughter, so no idea. I just know that the M stands for Mommy 🙂
Earrings: Grail Earrings from the :[P]:- Literary Warrior (Poe) Outfit. [SLurl]

Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable