Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

So this is my first blogger challenge that I’ve accepted on THIS blog.  I can’t recall; I think I did a few on the old blog I did with my sisters over on Shopgasm.  Anywho…I’m an avid reader of Strawberry Singh‘s blog. I simply love her work!  Yesterday, Berry posted the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge and let me tell you, the submissions I’ve seen so far are awesome.  Remembering that I have this strange sort of obsession with headgear, I decided to throw mine on and strike a pose for the ‘yearbook’!  But wouldn’t ya know it..before I could really get my pose on, I got snapped!  I simply wasn’t ready!  Anyway, you know how it goes with school piccies. You only get one shot and then BAM you’re done!

So…here’s mine! 😀

I wasn't ready! :o
I wasn’t ready! 😮

Welp…off to get into something… Hmm…maybe toilet paper streaming the gym? 😛 Oh wait…second photo! How could I forget!?!  Cheeeeese!! 😀


Muuuuuch better!  Okies…off to cause mischief! Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye …

❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: >TRUTH< Drew – night [SLurl]
Headgear: -RC- Braces and Headgear [SLurl]
Glasses: :: Awesome Blossom :: Not a Nerd Eyeglasses (w/tape) [Marketplace]
Shirt: *BOOM* Sport Tee (cherry) short -faded 1 [SLurl]
Teeth: *Cobrahive* Buck Teeth [Marketplace]
Earrings: [:S&V:] “Radial Silver” Earrings [SLurl]

*skin, eyes and shape: unavailable

Facial expression courtesy of Anypose Expression Hud
Background courtesy of Strawberry Singh

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