grad·u·ate \ˈgra-jooh-ˌwāt\

intransitive verb

1:  to receive an academic degree or diploma
2:  to pass from one stage of experience, proficiency, or prestige to a usually higher one
3:  to change gradually

There are so many places and times in our lives where we pick up, move on, grow…graduate.  I’m still working on my degree and that will be a long time coming.  But I will get there.  But the definitions I like best are both 2 and 3, interchangeably of course.

Our lives are in a constant state of flux. And depending on person and situation…we sometimes get stuck. We get lost and even if there are a million arms trying to reach us to pull us out of the muck, we can’t go until our feet are ready to move forward.  So we remain…frozen and languishing.

Then we have what Michael Keaton called the “Ya See Timmy” moment. “Ya See, Timmy,” as explained by Michael Keaton in the movie Speechless, is that moment in the show and/or story where you learn the lesson; where you see the big picture and it all makes sense…the “ah-ha!” moment, if you will.

Every year, I grow and change; sometimes for better and sometimes, whether I want to or not, for the worst.  But with each of those events, I learn a little something.  This year has brought me quite a few “You see, Timmy” moments; some harder than others, lessons all the same. And I think that in learning those lessons, seeing the bigger picture … I am finally in a place where I feel I’ve been gradually inching to all along.  I’m in a much better place now than I was 2 months ago, over a year ago, 7 years ago and beyond.  And while I’m still on my journey to becoming a better me, I am gradually getting there and mastering new steps as I pass each milestone.  I’ve graduated…and it feels pretty damn good. Well for now anyway… 😉

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