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Back in July of this year (after about a year of beta testing), Linden Labs released the Experience Tools; something I’m still learning about but have definitely had the joy of … experiencing (no pun intended… -.-).

This year I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this new feature of SL, courtesy of two games released this year by MadPea: Unia and The Interview (released April 3, 2016).  Now, if you’re unfamiliar with how experiences work, you get a hud (which if you’ve gone on MadPea Hunts before, you should be familiar with their huds already) and the first time you use it, the HUD will ask you for permissions to change environments, teleport you, attach things to you, etc. as seen below:

Photo from http://www.madpeas.com

This thing is TRIPPY…but really, REALLY cool! Anyway…ON TO THE INTERVIEW!!

Their newest game, The Interview, is a game that contains a slew of puzzles and brain teasers, that guide you along your path to reach … the final interview; starting you off with a quest where you have to tp around to I think it’s 12 (?) stores and collect these boxes. Inside the boxes are coins and on the boxes are pieces of a code you’ll later need to go to the next level of the game. Now the cool thing with this hud that has all the features needed to help you through this game are already in the hud. For instance, the cell phone feature also works as a radar to help guide you to where you find the boxes. On completion, you have a code you have to put into your vault (no two people’s codes are the same…so no cheating!!) and from there, you’re whisked away to start your interview. Without giving away too much more than I already have, I will tell you the basics.

There are 3 different levels of huds: bronze, silver and gold. Each costs Lindens, but the highest package (which I bought) will also unlock 2 additional gaming tasks that yield you more prizes on completion. If you’re one that loves puzzles, brain teasers and prizes…this is the package for YOU!

Time Limits: Yes y’all…this game has time limits!  I might have my timing off on this, but I believe that once you start your Interview, each place you are sent gives you ten minutes to solve the puzzle in the room you’re in.  As a courtesy, you’ll get a 5 minutes left warning as well as a 1 minute left warning.  After your time is up, you’ll be tp’d to a waiting area.  But fear not! You can go right back into the instance (provided no one else is in there…did I mention only 1 person per room at a time?) by clicking the hourglass icon on your hud.

One of many locations inside the Interview once you gain access…

Clues, coins (and a way out): Ok. So in every room, there is a phone.  If you use the phone, the phone will cost you 1 coin per call (you’ll see the value on your hud). Each room gives you 3 clues via phone.  But let’s say you have tried the room so many times you’ve gone stir crazy.  There is a way out…an access panel on the wall allows you a puzzle override, but…it will cost you 5 coins.  Now fear not. Coins are VITAL to this game. So if you run out, just head to the main reception area or the waiting room and there are coin vendors on the wall that allow you to buy more.

You want to find the phone in every room. Phones are your friend!

Getting to the finish line:  This game is both easy and difficult, with lots of things to solve and figure out.  Two things I advise above all else: 1 – take notes (in case you need to go back later) and 2 – join the MadPeas group inworld!!  For starters, the group is free. But most important, there’s a plethora of people playing the game at different levels who can help you. In fact, you’re encouraged to ask questions! Now while they won’t flat out tell you the answers as they don’t want to ruin it for everyone, you will receive additional hints and some will even IM you so as to keep the suspense going for everyone else in the game.

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And once you get to the final puzzle, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.  It’s a great game and you can go back as many times as you need to finish your side quests. So if you’re looking for epic ways to work your brain and find something new and different to do in SL…head over to the MadPeas sim and play The Interview today! You’ll have fun I promise!

Rooooll those end credits boys! I’ve reached the end!

Ciao for now kiddos!

❤ Miss Kilo


Outfit 1 (Picture 1): All deets on this outfit can be found here.

Outfit 2:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sally –  black & whites [SLurl]
Shirt: Addams // Jennifer Round & V-Neck // FATPACK [SLurl]
Jeans: Addams // Ginger Boyfriend Jean w/Belt // FATPACK [SLurl]
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Melanie Sneakers – deluxe [SLurl]

Outfit 3:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Louisa –  variety [SLurl]
Overalls: Addams // Catalina Overall Short // FATPACK [SLurl]
Tank Top: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Halter Top Pack [Marketplace]
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Melanie Sneakers – deluxe [SLurl]

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual [SLurl]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl]

*Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable