When The Music Feels Like This…

When the music feels like this
When you lose control you gotta go with it
Ten feet high
Flying above the sky
Your problems don’t exist
When music feels like this…


I’ve been in my head a lot lately…and I don’t see it changing any time soon. So many thoughts and emotions are running through me that I can barely breathe some days.  Music helps…so time to crank it up even more.

❤ Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

Body & Makeup

  • Hairbase: TRUTH HAIR Zoya
    March VIP Group (350L group join)
  • Eye Shadow: Star Beauty Catwa Eyeliner Applier Reva
  • Lipstick: LIVIA::Electric Gacha #5 [COMMON]
  • Nail Polish: LIVIA::Chevron Matte Black Nails
  • Nails: #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Medium
  • Basic Body Information can be found here: Basics

Background, Poses, Etc.

  • Dance: Move – Vera_21_Dance_MOVE!_FREE
  • Shot on location at Live in Sin.

Sponsored items are in bold.


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