Swimming Lessons


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When I was a kid, I was enrolled in a day care center where my old babysitter taught. During the summers, we got to go to Georgetown Park Swimming pool where we were given swimming lessons.

I was so excited to learn to swim; I was happy as a pig in mud.  I loved it so much I didn’t even mind when I accidentally hit my head on the side underwater and lost a tooth. LOL This was before I had swim goggles, so I swam with my eyes closed.

The apartment complex my mother and I moved to when I was about 7 or so had a swimming pool for the tenants. It met in the center of the back of all of the buildings on an incline that converged to make the pool which was then built around and fenced in. You had to sign up with the rental office in order to access the pool; residents only. I remember asking my mom if we could get me signed up because I really wanted to go swimming. My mom knew I was taking lessons but she didn’t know how good I was.  though skeptical, she took me to the rental office to get signed up. I even remember the ratty old paper pool pass we each got *chuckles*.

The time came for me to finally go to the pool and my mom walked me down there.  I’ll never forget that day.  It was sunny, the grass was perfectly green and there I was, pudgy little self ready to get in that water. I proudly presented my ratty little resident pass, showered up and walked out to the pool, diving in. I swam a few feet and surfaced, wiping the water from my face and then waving at my mom so she could see I was okay. I think I even got out and ran (well walked briskly since they don’t let you run at the pool) to the fence to let her know all was fine. She watched me a few minutes before turning to walk back to the house.

It felt good slipping into that water, feeling it wash over me and breaking the surface.  It was freeing.  Though she may have been surprised, I know that when she recounted the story to her coworkers, she was proud of me.

I miss the water.  I guess that’s why I always end up wanting to live on a beach when I have a place inworld. It’s home. It’s quiet.  And it’s so peaceful…especially when you dive in and let the water wash over you.

❤ Miss Kilo

Dedicated to my RL mom, Miss F. I miss you, terribly.


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