On the Right Path


I saw something a few days ago that made me laugh so hard.  Not because it was just that funny (though it was hilarious).  But because I have been so busy working on my own life, my self, my love of self and more that unlike this thing I saw I didn’t have time to register them on my radar let alone have them so entrenched in my cerebral cortex that I hadn’t moved on with my life.  And it made me remember something I have been saying for a long time to my friends and family: when you are out there working on living (and in so doing living) your best life and learning to love yourself even more with each passing day, you will be too busy to worry about who or what you perceive has wronged you in your past.

You will sweat small petty things less. You will find less to start shit about. You will have less time to perpetuate bullshit. You will be so busy laughing, smiling, moving forward and growing as a person that when old bullshit comes to rear its ugly head you may shake your head for a hot second; but in the end you will laugh at how you may not have even been thinking about/sweating some things while those entities that are…are stuck in the muck and miserable still trying to disrupt you and your happiness.

Living (or trying to live) your best life doesn’t mean that your life is 100% orgasms and ice cream/rainbows and unicorns. It means you’re choosing to do things in life that make you feel good; enhance your overall mental and emotional well-being. You are choosing to remove as much negativity from your existence as possible. You are trying to live a life where you’re in higher spirits, smiling more for yourself and enjoying the little high moments that life can bring to you.

There will be bad times. We all have them. It’s unrealistic to believe that anyone’s journey will leave them without some level of battle scars, including ourselves. You will have those moments where new things (and even some old) will upset you. But once you’re on the path you’re no longer dwelling on things that have happened in your past. You will hopefully be able to work through the new challenges that upset you with a more clear head and clear vision. You are working through the lessons those experiences bring. You are pushing forward, knowing that you don’t have to have those things in your life that constantly bring you down; that you don’t have to react to or retaliate on old shit. That bitterness, that anger…it just breeds more of what you’re trying to remove from your life.

In essence, you living (or working on living) your best life is going to help cure that cancer of negative energy that will eat away at all the good things that can or should be happening to you. You will recognize and focus more on your blessings, no matter the form with which they are delivered to you. Once you are on the path, though you will have moments where you stumble, or lose your way but you will get back up; you will dust yourself off and you’ll find your way back to that path a lot faster than you did before.

❤ Miss Kilo


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