Stopping for Groceries


After a long day at work, I went and picked up my little one so we could head home.  On the way home, we swung by a new supermarket down the street: Giggity’s beYou Grocery Store & Ill Nana’s beYou Cafe.  It had everything we needed and more.  My little apple dumpling even spotted these cute little shopping carts and helped me shop today by driving it around so I could look at my list and grab what we needed for dinner: lasagna with meatballs (yum!).


I think I got everything on the list.  Thank heavens I can check my beYou profile and grab the ingredients list from their recipe page to make sure I pick up everything in one trip! Let me swing on by the bakery to pick up dessert and some treats for later.


❤ Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • 🍀 Dress: .Q. Motive [Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody,Katena]
  • 🍀 Purse: .Q. Motive Chained Handbag
  • Necklace: .ARISE. x ENIGMA Ama Necklace / Grey
  • Shoes: N-core STILETTO “Metal Toe Cap” For High Feet
  • Glasses: NEXOR – Taste Shadez (former Cosmopolitan Sales Event item)

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: Stealthic – Erratic (Blacks & Whites)
  • Nails: #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Medium
  • 🍀 Nail Polish: LIVIA::Solid Nail Coll MAITREYA // Set #1
  • All other body basics found here.

Decor & Other information:

Sponsored items have a 🍀 before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.