Old McKilo Had a Farm…

Ee-Eye-ee-eye ohhhhh…


Figured I’d give my horse a lil exercise today and go check on the animals and crops.  Had a great breeze today, so it wasn’t too hot.  I’m glad I did. I even got Oscar to feed on some hay and get fresh water.  I need to take him out more.

❤ Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • Outfit: !C Lucinda w.texture hud (fits Maitreya, Belleza & Slink) (former Saturday Sale item)
  • Rings: (Yummy) Rainforest Set – All Colors @ Collabor88
  • Wheat Straw: [TAKE-AWAY] Wheat For Mouth

Body & Makeup

Decor & Other information:

  • Horse: ~*WH*~ Riding Horse (English Clyde Horse) 1.1

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