Bathed in Blessings

2018-08-23_003.pngThe past couple of years have been hard.  I lost my job IRL, got put on disability, lost my mom, and so many other things that are still going on IRL that I simply do not care to share. It’s been one thing after another.  And for a while, I felt lost. I still do at times.  Especially when one combines this with things that happen in our alternate lives in this metaverse.

And most days, like many other people, I forget that in spite of the despair and disaster that enters my life I am still blessed with more than most.  I read somewhere (can’t remember where at present) that you have to remember to be grateful at all times; for that is when your blessings will arrive more often.


I’ve been on a bit of a journey of late.  In the midst of all the bad going on, I am trying to focus more on the good.  Talking to my Creator more.  Thanking my Creator as much as I can for every blessing bestowed upon me; be it waking up or even being able to tolerate pains that before would make me feel lower than dirt.

In doing this, I find that while I do struggle at times, I try to make sure that I count my blessings more than my disasters, failures, despair or bad times.  In learning to accept my blessings and be grateful for them no matter what they are or how big or small they may be, I’m relearning the power of living my best life possible in the moment it is happening.  I am always going to have days where things suck or aren’t great or when my illnesses get the better of me.

But even in those days, I will be grateful as I know I am still bathed in blessings that have been there, that are still there and that will come to me when it is time.

❤ Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • 🍀 Outfit: .Q. Archaic -FATPACK-F[Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody,Katena] (former Vintage Fair item)
  • Rings: *elise* – Sara – BENTO Rings
  • 🌈 Earrings: :: SAGA :: BOHO Leaf Earrings @ Kustom9

Body & Makeup

  • Hairbase: YUTH: Ashly Hairbase “Coppers” (Unisex)
  • 🍀 Eyeshadow: ::SG:: Tayna Shadow for AKERUKA and OMEGA Heads (former MakeOver Room Event item)
  • 🍀 Nails: ::SG:: Benny Bento Mesh Nails @ On9
  • All other body basics found here.

Decor & Other information:

  • Backdrop: MINIMAL – Vege Background -7-  (former Epiphany Gacha event item)

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