Talking in Your Sleep

I have forewarned people of this in all lives: SOMETIMES…I TALK IN MY SLEEP.  Seriously! My mom used to get so frustrated with me IRL because she’d have these full conversations with me when I’d get up to pee; asking me to do things or remember something. And the next morning it was like a blank slate: nothing there.

That being said…I’m on this GLORIOUS family vacation cruise right now inworld to Positano Italy (we leave tomorrow *long slow tears*) with International Elite Travel and my first night, I may have overindulged on all things food oriented. I don’t know what I ate but sufficed to say that when I went to bed, food coma hit hard.

Aaaanyway, the next morning I got up and went down to breakfast and my fellow passengers said I was blurting things out in my sleep. I have no idea what I was saying. But they mentioned pizza, cookie cutters and random blurbs. This definitely aligns with real life incidents where I have fallen asleep and then had full blown conversations there too.  Nutty right?

Maybe tonight’s sleep will be better. LOL Maybe…

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