Day Off

I love when I have the day off.  It means I can relax, formulate moves and just laze about my room, especially when the babies aren’t online. Though I miss them terribly, sometimes this momma needs a little me time to catch up on her gossip rags, and to take an uninterrupted nap.


I was just getting into one actually when the phone rang and my baby sister said she was coming over.  I toooold her I wasn’t changing clothes. It’s my day off! Shooo.  She said she was coming anyway. Ok then…she’ll see me relaxed and all.  Ahhh…freedom from the bra! Yerrrs! 😛

❤ Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • ☘ Outfit: [Cynful] Pajama Silk Set – Fatpack @ Collabor88
  • ☘ Necklace: Avada~ Cauri Necklace @ Designer Showcase
  • ☘ Anklet: [Sheba] Unicorn anklet
  • Slippers: REIGN.- UNICORN SLIPPERS – FATPACK (former Saturday Sale item)
  • Phone: Pure Poison – Scorpio Phone (gacha item; not sure of availability)

Body & Makeup

  • ☘ Hairbase: Avada~ Tijan Hairbase @ Gloss
  • Eye Shadow: Unavailable at present (will add at a later date)
  • ☘ Lipstick: LIVIA // Brilliant Gloss @ Gloss
  • Nails: #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Long
  • Nail Polish: CAZIMI: Neutral Gloss Nails – Pro Palette
  • All other body basics not listed can be found here.

Decor & Other Information

  • Bed & Vanity: The Loft – Claryon Suite Cream (PG)(Family)
  • Lotus Wall Decoration: Rekt Lotus Decor – Fatpack (no longer available)
  • Chair & Table:  * AR * – Bedroom Set – Antara 1.1

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.