My Seester’s Keeper (An Open Letter)

My Seester's Keeper (An Open Letter)

(Photo credit: Kenyatta May Wachmann)

My real life half-sister (and one of my real life half-brothers) passed long before I was born so I never knew them. And my three half-brothers I didn’t have much of a relationship with; all significantly older.  And though I do talk to two of them more now than I did growing up, I never really knew what it was like to have siblings until I came to Second Life.

I have quite a few siblings now. More than RL and more than I ever expected to have. Each one is their own unique person; all nationalities and sizes.

This special one here is my kid sister, Kenyatta.  She’s mouthy, a brat, impulsive, quick-tempered at times, hi-fucking-larious and more than anything…she’s genuine.

I have known her for going on 3 years and she’s been my sister for the better part of 2.  How we met?  At a Lesbian club/safe haven where her overly flirtatious mouth made me wholly (WHOLLY) uncomfortable when I wasn’t laughing my ass off at her antics! LMBO

In the time I have been both her friend and family we have pissed each other off, made each other laugh til something spilled from somewhere (at least she has for me 😛 ), cried together, held each other when the other needed and patched each other up from enough emotional & mental scrapes that you’d think we were war veterans. We still laugh over the fact we have both dated a couple of the same people prior to either of us knowing one another!

There are days we have scolded each other as though we were parent and child. And days where if anyone on the outside were looking in and didn’t know better, they’d probably assume that we have some sort of virtually incestual relationship (ah the joys of SL and the misconception of SOME familial ties – relax folks…not all families screw their relatives).

Overall, this woman…the woman behind the avatar…is more a sister to me than any flesh & bone sister I could had hoped to have in my real life.  And to see her have blossomed over the past year and some change has been a true marvel. She has become more independent, more self-aware and with every breath stronger than she has been the day before.

She deserves the world and a whole lot more.  And anyone who has her in their life is damn lucky to have her in any capacity. I pity those who don’t realize (or take for granted) what a find she truly is. You will never find a more steadfast person than this crazy Alabama woman.

She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen.  And she would literally give the last coin in her purse to someone she cared about if she could.  There aren’t many people like this in any world.  And I just wanted her to know that I see her; that I love her immensely and even though she wasn’t baked in the oven nearly as long as I was, that I treasure our friendship as well as our seesterdom more than she’ll ever know.

Thank you for being my friend, Kenya. But most important thank you for being my sister.

❤ Kilo


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