It’s Okay (an Epiphany Over Coffee)

It's Okay (an Epiphany Over Coffee)

So I am having my afternoon coffee and trying to relax and finish this blog before my timer runs out.  As I was typing this blog, real life took a bit of an unscheduled hold and I had to place this typing on the back burner.  Thinking I had enough time, I didn’t request a reset and came back in what I thought was enough time to finish.

However, as I was typing this up, I received the notification that one of my sponsored accounts was suspended in Blogotex because of a time-out.  I messaged my sponsor, apologized for the late entry and wished them well, acknowledging that it was my misstep and that I’ll just work on improving my blog so that in the event there is ever another blogger search for them, I can better serve them at a later date.

Let me go back a smidge. September I was away from SL and blogging due to a RL health incident that, while I went into detail publicly on Facebook, I didn’t really go into great detail here.  And since I’ve been home, I’ve been playing catch up and trying to get back to a new normal in my regular flesh and bone life as well as trying to get back into the swing of things in here and I gotta tell you, it’s super hard. I am so behind schedule everywhere it’s ridiculous.

I’ve tried to do so many things since I’ve been back home from my forced hiatus and as much as I would love to pretend that I can handle everything; I can’t. And that’s not to make excuses. I’m missing deadlines left and right, feel like I’m failing miserably in regular day-to-day activities and just wishing that I could get a break somewhere … in either world.

And as I’m sitting here trying to enjoy this cup of coffee, it hit me. We’re not meant to always be able to keep up. And sometimes things will just unravel. It’s not something I like and want to do, but it is something that I’m learning to accept.  I can’t do everything the way I used to.  And that may result in me losing out on things, be they opportunities, sponsorships or even going out to hang with my peeps.  And that’s okay.  Like … that’s the epiphany: it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to not have everything under control.  And it’s okay to let things go when you can’t do them the way you are used to doing them.

So, slowly but surely, I’ll have to dial things back some.  Slowly but surely, I’ll have to say no or say I can’t do things.  And I have to learn to be okay with doing that.  Because this feeling overwhelmed thing is really not where it’s at.  Anyway, time to start looking at what I realistically can do…everywhere.

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