Crouching Ramen, Hidden Noodle

Crouching Ramen, Hidden Noodle

I was trying to protect the tree fort! But Nu-Doo-su Master Jami hit me with a jump attack from the slides and then tried to hit me with her home-made fashioned deadly throwing donuts. You gotta watch out for her!

❤ Kilo

Clothing & Accessories

  • On Kilo:
    • Top: Addams Gift – Magaly Tank Top #FATPACK
    • Shorts: Blueberry – Pride 2020 – Full Set (former Pride at Home event item – may not be available)
    • Hair: Dura-U102-FAT PACK1
    • All regularly worn body basics detail can be found here.
  • On Jami:
    • Hair: taketomi – Kev – Blacks (no longer available)
    • Pants: ~Lazo – Hera Capris – 2
    • Shirt: Virtually Adorable – Feeling Cute Tee – White

On Both:

  • ☘ Ramen Props: Junk Food – Ramen Warrior (former Saturday Sale item)

Background & Additional Information

  • ☘ Playground: {STATUS}- Playground – Full Set 1.1
  • Pose: Self-made using AnyPose & LeLutka Axis (for face)
  • Additional Lighting: Lumipro

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