Memory Lane Monday

Going through my old photos, I found this hilariously awesome looking photo from my life back in the day…

Memory Lane Monday

When I was younger I used to hang out at the Neon Index club.  I loved my rainbow blunts…and I looooved it with gummy worms.

I wonder if that’s where grandbaby Alexx’s love of gummy worms comes from? Hmm…

❤ Kilo

Clothing & Accessories

  • ☘ Top: (*<*) 1313 Lady Love Halter – Fatpack
  • Jacket: Tee*fy Anja Set – Jellybean (former Saturday Sale item)
  • Pants: Eaters Coma – Side Snap Pants [FAT PACK] (no longer available)
  • Earrings: LIVIA::Lauren Hoops [July 2020 GG]
  • Rings: [ SpotCat ] Flight – Bento rings
  • ☘ Blunt: Junk Food – Bento Blunts (Rainbow) (former VIP group gift)
  • ☘ Gummy Worms: Junk Food – Gummi Worm Takeout (former Saturday Sale item)

Body & Makeup Information

Background & Additional Information

  • Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – No Doubt (former Saturday Sale item)
  • Pose: home made (Pose adjusted with AnyPose, LeLutka Axis (for face) & Fate Hand Poser (for finger placement; former Saturday Sale item)
  • Additional Lighting: Lumipro

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.