There are days when things just can’t get worse.  When thoughts get more dark than usual. When depression…just wins.  While I don’t drink regularly anymore, sometimes the sip is what can try to take the edge off.  Ugh.  I just need a nap maybe…ok after this drink.

❤ Kilo

Author’s Note: It is NEVER ok to drink your problems away.  And as one who not only was the daughter of an alcoholic but also went dry to battle my demons long ago, I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who are actively fighting the battle with the bottle.  If you find yourself spiraling, please talk to someone.  And if speaking up is difficult, journal, blog, do something to get those emotions out so you don’t take it out in more harmful ways.  Much love and respect to all.

Clothing & Accessories

  • ☘ Top: Cynful Hankie Top – Fatpack (former Equal10 sale item)
  • Bottoms: L&B Swear Capri Jeans w/ Belt
  • Earrings: :[P]:- Ethereal Panyia Butterflies
  • Ring: RAWR! Minimal Rings (former 60L Happy Weekend Item)

Body & Makeup Information

  • Daily Body Basics can be found here.
  • Skin: Bold & Beauty :: Adut (Lelutka BOM) – Espresso (former Skin Fair 2021 item)
  • ☘ Hair: Unorthodox Dru Hair
  • ☘ Eyeshadow: Dotty’s Secret – Blake – Eyeliner Palette
  • ☘ Lipstick: *Booty’s Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Milky Way HD Lips F
  • ☘ Nail Polish: CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Sample Set

Background & Additional Information

  • Pose: Synnergy Headache Bento Pose
  • Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:. Sunset (former 60L Happy Weekend item)
  • ☘ Alcohol: Junk Food – Moonshine
  • Additional Lighting: Lumipro

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.

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