Tales of an Assassin…

Martin Q Blank said it best: If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there…

Tales of an Assassin...

I was at the safe house, double-checking all of my tech to make sure it was clean and ready to go.  I kept saying to myself, ‘one last job…’ before I’m out of this business for good.  I hear a light whisper by the door and find the file slid under. “Finally!” I think to myself as I take a seat, a hit off my blunt and think to myself, “you look like handsome devil … what’s your name?” flipping the envelope out to pull out the the folder.

“Aww man,” I thought to myself as I turned over the folder, seeing my estranged cousin, already knowing who ordered the hit. “Anonymous client my hiney,” I thought to myself, mumbling “you just haaaad to ignore the wife’s warning, huh? And now … I gotta kill ya.”

Tales of an Assassin...

Welp…time to work. Let me get this hair pinned down, wig on and get myself poured into this dress.  The Mayor’s Ball is the place for the hit and I’ve got to nail this or I’m stuck in this life forever. Ugh…family issues. *rolls eyes*

Shout out to Misti Shackleton for supplying me with a picture of her hubby, Bruce Forsberg as the Mark!  *snickers*

❤ Kilo

Clothing & Accessories

  • Outfit: Euthanasia – Skims Underwear Fatpack (former 60L Happy Weekend item)
  • ☘ Earrings: (*<*) 1313 FourTwenty Earrings (Exclusive item @ Epiphanybuy with reward points)
  • ☘ Anklet: (*<*) 1313 FourTwenty Barefoot Sandals – Collection @ Epiphany
  • ☘ Blunt: Junk Food – Bento Blunts (Rainbow) (former VIP group gift)

Body & Makeup Information

  • Daily Body Basics can be found here.
  • Skin: Bold & Beauty :: Adut (Lelutka BOM) – Espresso (former Skin Fair 2021 item)
  • ☘ Hair: Unorthodox Judd Hair
  • ☘ Eyeshadow: Dotty’s Secret – Jane – Eyeshadow Palette
  • ☘ Lipstick: Avada~ Minuit Lipstick – Lelutka Evo
  • Nails: LIVIA // Xtra Stiletto Nails // Gold Like @ ☘ Unik

Background & Additional Information

  • Backdrop: MINIMAL – Dark Background
  • Pose: not available
  • ☘ Phone: Junk Food – Burger Phone
  • Hangers: TS{Home} Entrance Set White
  • Hanging Dress 1: Rosary Closet Clutter Bundle v1 – Dress 4
  • Hanging Dress 2: Rosary Closet Clutter Bundle v1 – Dress 3
  • Table: –David Heather-Gun Table
  • Side Table: Dutchie bedside tables with decor (Dutchie 3-legged bedside table)
  • Dossiers: [DI] Military Report
  • Passport: DECOR-Wallet Passport-Keys*Tease
  • Briefcase of Money: The Joker’s Jinx – Loaded Briefcase
  • Additional Lighting: Lumipro

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.