Getting Vintage w/ Cynful

So as I was chilling out bopping around the grid, my homegirl DJ India Delgado tp’d me to this awesome 80’s set she was doing.  And I thought to myself…I know just what to wear!


This adorable jumper and sandal combination is the latest offering from Cynful creations and it’s just in time for the Vintage Fair coming on June 10, 2016!  With its texturing of the terry cloth on the jumper and the braided leather of the sandals, I feel like I’m back in the 80’s and it was PERFECT for the party I was going to aaaand paired with some bangles and earrings from two of my favorite places on the grid, I just couldn’t go wrong. BAM!

Now…back to the dancing!  Goootta love the dancing!

Ciao for now, kiddos!  I got some booty shaking to do!

❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: >TRUTH< Cyndi –  black & whites [SLurl | MP]
Outfit: [Cynful] Groovy Romper – Fatpack @ Vintage Fair (06/10-06/26/16) [SLurl | MP-1/MP-2]
Shoes: [Cynful] Groovy Sandals – Fatpack @ Vintage Fair (06/10-06/26/16) [SLurl | MP-1/MP-2]

Earrings: erratic / teardrop earings [SLurl | MP]
Bracelets:  Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles [SLurl | MP]
Necklace: (Yummy) Embelished Key Necklace – Silver [SLurl | MP]

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl |Not sold on MP]
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual v2.4 [SLurl | MP]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack [SLurl | MP]
Nail Polish: .twenty13. Slink av.Enhance Nails – Neon Airbrush 01 Hud [SLurl | MP]

*Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable

Dance, Dance…!

While I was there shaking my groove thang…I figured it’d be a good opportunity to answer the call of the Dancing in Second Life 2016 Blogger Challenge, put on by the awesome Strawberry Singh.  I thought I was doing pretty okay…until Mr. Stickman began dancing circles around me (LOL).

Dance, Dance

So here’s the challenge: Share a photo and/or video of your avatar dancing in Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group. UPDATE: Please remember to add the words “Second Life” in your tags or description on youtube so it comes up when people search for Second Life related content on youtube.

Dance, Dance

Unfortunately, my video’s audio got blocked by youtube due to it being Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin, sooooooooo photos will have to do (sorry Berry!). Anywho…it was a pretty fun challenge and I got to hear one of my great friends, Courtney Toros (owner of Sweet Poison) who was doing a fundraiser for Brain Tumor Awareness.  All proceeds from the evening went to the National Brain Tumor Society.

One of the many things I love about Second Life (SL) is how we can affect change; from all points around the world. A lot of people keep saying that SL is just “pixels” and SL is just a game.  And maybe that’s true for some. But in 8 years, I’ve connected with more people than I ever thought possible, my life changing at every turn…some for the better, others for the worse.  And regardless of the outcome I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in many events to help raise awareness, money, support and so many other things for people we’ve never even met face to face. We create things on their behalf, hold events for people we love, learn about each other.  I don’t know about anyone else, but…for a place that’s just pixels and a game…we do a lot for each other when we make connections, and care enough to create events to help those we just “play” with.  So I’m pretty sure someone has it wrong somewhere. So…think about that the next time you want to escape the RL conventions of personal troubles, whatever ails you, boundaries, love, respect, friendship and everything else that follows us into Second Life. It’s not always…just a game. And anyone that thinks that is fooling themselves.

Dang this dance got my hands twisting…literally! LOL

Anyway…of to dance with myself.

Ciao for now kiddos!

❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * GRETEL * BLACK/WHITE [SLurl]
Dress: -Pixicat- Karma.Dress (Fitted) RARE [SLurl]
Shoes: R.icielli – VELMA High Heels HUD 22 colors (available @ Cosmopolitan) [SLurl]
Earrings: (Dahlinks) Fan Earrings – Silver [SLurl]
Infinity Ring: [part of] Izzie’s – Midi Rings (silver) – MODDED [SLurl]
Pinky Ring: EarthStones Trina Ring – Amethyst [SLurl]

Body, Hands & Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl]

*Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable

Stolen Moments & Motivational Posters

I’ve been so busy over the past couple of weeks that I completely forgot to blog! 😮

So what have I been up to?  LOTS of family time with my kids (my son is getting married! :D), sisters and close friends.  We have gone zombie hunting, shopping (of course…duhhhhh), dancing and just having fun!  So today, I am going through my email and came across this week’s blogger challenge from the Berry (as I like to call her ;)).  This week’s blogger challenge is to create a motivational meme. And I thought, what better way to do this than to gush over a couple of my kids and sneak some piccies of me with my youngest child, Kaysha. And of course to showcase my awesome heels by Glamistry. Because just because you’re chillin with the kids doesn’t mean you can’t do it fashionably…just sayin! 😛

A Mother/Son Selfie <3

So while I’m learning to make poses, I subject my poor children to pictures and when they’re not paying attention…I do stuff like this! hehehehe This is my super handsome son, Kellan who just got engaged!! I’m so happy for him!! And my son in law? HUBBA HUBBA! RAWWWR! He’s also learning how to blog so be sure to check him out! 😀

The one thing I can honestly say I’ve really come to appreciate in SL is the power of family; more specifically having kids.  As a RL aside: I am reproductively challenged, so kids are not possible for me.  While adoption may be an option in the far off future when finances allow, I can still have the ability to not only carry a child by being in Second Life, but also being mother to those who are looking to have one and that is something I never thought possible til I came here.  That being said…I love my family more than anything and am so thankful that this place of possibilities brought them to my home and heart.

Playtime with my Shortcakes

Tonight we went pet shopping and got the new cute birds from Free Bird (Kaysha will probably blog it on her blog…I dunno :P) and then play and story time after we got them all settled.  I love spending time with this little one.  She drives me nuts but she also fills my heart with so much joy.  Aaaand is probably going “Mooooooom! You’re embarrassing me…” if she’s reading this. LOL

Berry's Blogger Challenge

Aside from gushworthy moments, this blogger challenge asked us what motivates us.  That’s usually a hard question to answer because some are very private with their answers, some truly don’t know and some…might feel embarrassed. I can’t speak to what motivates others.  But what motivates me is the love I have for my family. Those inworld, those who’ve come and gone and those I have yet to encounter.

Second Life affords me the opportunity to have something that I may never get in my regular life for reasons that aren’t for everyone to know: a family.  And they are amazing. As are the friends I’ve made along the way and even those that are no longer in my life.  In Second Life, they are what help me be something better.  These connections … they motivate me to be a better person.  And this family that I have, all of them … help make my second life and first life simply…awesome.


Pic #1

Top – I don’t remember anything about the top. I think it is one of my works in progress for the store.
Hair – >TRUTH< Tanya –  black & whites [SLurl]
(no idea what my son is wearing LOLOLOLOL)

Pic # 2 & 3

Hat – *ARGRACE* Hunting – only cap-typeA [SLurl]
Hair – ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Noir [SLurl]
Top – ::HH:: Hucci Waana Tank – Gift [SLurl]
Pants – L&B “Classic” Womens Cargo Shorts [SLurl]
Shoes – Glamistry – ERANTHIS Heels [PF1015] [SLurl]
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High [SLurl]
Earrings – Bokeh – Ohm Earrings ‘Silver’ (box) [SLurl]

*skin, shape, eyes – not available
*necklaces and bracelet – not available

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

So this is my first blogger challenge that I’ve accepted on THIS blog.  I can’t recall; I think I did a few on the old blog I did with my sisters over on Shopgasm.  Anywho…I’m an avid reader of Strawberry Singh‘s blog. I simply love her work!  Yesterday, Berry posted the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge and let me tell you, the submissions I’ve seen so far are awesome.  Remembering that I have this strange sort of obsession with headgear, I decided to throw mine on and strike a pose for the ‘yearbook’!  But wouldn’t ya know it..before I could really get my pose on, I got snapped!  I simply wasn’t ready!  Anyway, you know how it goes with school piccies. You only get one shot and then BAM you’re done!

So…here’s mine! 😀

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge Take 1

Welp…off to get into something… Hmm…maybe toilet paper streaming the gym? 😛 Oh wait…second photo! How could I forget!?!  Cheeeeese!! 😀

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge Take 2

Muuuuuch better!  Okies…off to cause mischief! Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye …

❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: >TRUTH< Drew – night [SLurl]
Headgear: -RC- Braces and Headgear [SLurl]
Glasses: :: Awesome Blossom :: Not a Nerd Eyeglasses (w/tape) [Marketplace]
Shirt: *BOOM* Sport Tee (cherry) short -faded 1 [SLurl]
Teeth: *Cobrahive* Buck Teeth [Marketplace]
Earrings: [:S&V:] “Radial Silver” Earrings [SLurl]

*skin, eyes and shape: unavailable

Facial expression courtesy of Anypose Expression Hud
Background courtesy of Strawberry Singh