Sampling Treats for Tots Goodies!

Sampling Treats for Tots Goodies!

It’s Octoberween! Which means a month of candy, candy, candy and … Treats for Tots!!

That’s right! It’s the 2nd annual Treats for Tots fundraiser and I picked up some great swag while I was there as well as some free treats for the kiddos when the come pay me a visit at work!

So what is Treats for Tots you ask?

It’s is this AMAZING fundraiser put together by Nuggets! Community Sim and over 50 stores have put out exclusive items for sale where 100% of the sales will go towards the real world Non-Profit Toys for Tots, an organization that helps provide gifts to needy children over the holidays.  In addition, countless businesses have also joined in this fundraiser by putting out Chocolate Bar Donation Kiosks (they look like Wonka bars if you’re wondering…) to help collect money for Toys for Tots.

Last year, they collectively raised over $6,000 USD (that’s a little over 1.7Million in linden) and we’re looking to try to do the same this year!

Aaanyway, my sweet tooth led me through the sale (and the awesome Chocolate Factory interactive experience) and I picked up some much needed candy to give to visiting kids while at work.

But like a good, responsible citizen of the world…I have to sample the goodies before I just…hand them out, you know.  And man am I glad I did! Because lo and behold, one of my favorites was in the mix! Mmm, mmm, MMMM!!!  Such a perfect little piece of confectionery heaven!

Be sure to swing by Treats for Tots to not only do the sale and the sticker quest but to also visit the interactive Chocolate Factory! Tonsss of fun going on there!

❤ Kilo

Clothing & Accessories

  • ☘ Dress: :CAZIMI: Ashlyn Sweater – Spooky
  • Earrings: RAWR! Bamboo ELF Earrings EvoX (former 60L Happy Weekend Sale item)
  • Rings: (Yummy) Demon Queen Ring Collection V2 (Legacy) @ Collabor88

Body & Makeup Information

  • Daily Body Basics can be found here.
  • ☘ Hair: Unorthodox – Unorthodox Green Braids (will get a secret hair after wearing for an hour)
  • ☘ Eyelashes: *Booty’s Beauty* [Lel Evo X BOM] Stella Lashes
  • ☘ Eyeshadow: *Booty’s Beauty* [Lel Evo X BOM] Stella Shadow & Liner
  • Eyeliner: Izzie’s – Eyeliner (LeLutka Evo X)
  • ☘ Lipstick: :CAZIMI: Dusk EvoX Lipstick (coming to Saturday Sale on 10/16/2021)
  • Nails: N.Kolour+KOSMETIK Omega Coffin Nails – XLong // Legacy
  • ☘ Nail Polish: CAZIMI: Trick or Treat Nail Appliers

Background & Additional Information

  • Pose: Unavailable
  • ☘ Mouth Candy: Junk Food – Fruitboost Candy
  • ☘ Candy Cauldron: Junk Food – Candy Cauldron @ Treats for Tots Fundraiser (100% of sales go towards Toys for Tots)
  • ☘ Little Piggy Unicorn: KJIm: Kawaii Unicorn Doll – Piggycorn (gives bacon mouthie) @ Treats for Tots Fundraiser (100% of sales go towards Toys for Tots)
  • Burger Pet: Ethyn’s Hamburgers: My Pet Hamburger @ Treats for Tots Fundraiser (100% of sales go towards Toys for Tots) – ONLY at this fundraiser
  • Zombie Letters: =DMJ= Zombie Letters @ Treats for Tots Fundraiser (100% of sales go towards Toys for Tots)
  • Additional Lighting: Lumipro

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.