Talking in Your Sleep

I have forewarned people of this in all lives: SOMETIMES…I TALK IN MY SLEEP.  Seriously! My mom used to get so frustrated with me IRL because she’d have these full conversations with me when I’d get up to pee; asking me to do things or remember something. And the next morning it was like a blank slate: nothing there.

That being said…I’m on this GLORIOUS family vacation cruise right now inworld to Positano Italy (we leave tomorrow *long slow tears*) with International Elite Travel and my first night, I may have overindulged on all things food oriented. I don’t know what I ate but sufficed to say that when I went to bed, food coma hit hard.

Aaaanyway, the next morning I got up and went down to breakfast and my fellow passengers said I was blurting things out in my sleep. I have no idea what I was saying. But they mentioned pizza, cookie cutters and random blurbs. This definitely aligns with real life incidents where I have fallen asleep and then had full blown conversations there too.  Nutty right?

Maybe tonight’s sleep will be better. LOL Maybe…

❤ Kilo


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The Amalgam of Fear

The Amalgam of Fear (a lost photo)

She was told she was safe here; sanctuary…here.  But the took from her the very clothes from her back. Stripped her to practically nothing and placed her on display like part of the show of the strange and unusual. She was frightened. Afraid of not only what she was, but where she was and where she may have come from; an amalgam of fear. You could see it in her eyes.  Her origin unknown; mysterious becoming…she only knew that this fire was warm.  And it was more than the fear she was shrouded in. She didn’t want to be seen.  So she sat in hiding; in wait…hoping no one would come through the do…

❤ Miss Kilo


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Off With Their…Buds!

After waking in my coffin this morning and putting on my face, I was walking the grounds only to find a lonely rose, in full bloom.


I must not have that. One will never understand that in this house, they’re simply not welcome! Off … with their buds!



❤ Miss Kilo


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Windlight Setting – (SS) Atmospheric20:00cloudy

Shot using Lumipro.


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Lost in the Backyard

“It’s been too long
Don’t think I’ve seen you smile at me for quite a while
And we’re too busy doing things
We haven’t noticed what’s missing
Where’s the fun we used to have?”

~ Natasha Bedingfield


I think sometimes we forget that we have to embrace the childlike parts of ourselves in order to survive being an adult and doing adult things.  Especially when we feel a little lost.  We should embrace that fearlessness we once had as children, be bold and brave and simply…let go.



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Windlight: Nacon’s Sweet Dream

Relax, Relate & Release…on the Nile

Shot on location at:

So after an amazing night partying with with my fellow Sorors honoring my sister Stevie’s 10th year in Second Life, we decided it was time to exhale and relax…on the Nile…


If you have never been to The Nile  [A Second Life Relaxation Experience], it is the most wonderful experience!  For one to two hours, you get to experience yoga, tai-chi, aerobics, African dance and Indian dance. LP Kidd (same name inworld) has managed to capture a tranquil audio, visual and physical experience that will put your mind, body and soul at ease.

Be sure to dress for comfort. Since this is a relaxing experience, don’t come in jeans or anything tight…you want to be able reaaally stretch those limbs. When you land, you can also get yourself some winged armbands to become one with the experience. Step on the footprints and join the session and off you go to live and enjoy the experience of yoga on the Nile. And if you’re not quite ready to join in, there’s also a few drums available for you to sit on and join in the musical serenity.

Held once a month, this is an event you can look forward to that’s relaxing and FREE. That’s right…FREE!  If you want to know more about this event, please login and join: secondlife:///app/group/9486e007-13f7-e231-61c8-ac6616443a23/about


Meanwhile, I’m going to relax, relate & release…hope to see you on the barge to the Nile!


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