Look Good & Feel Better w/ Cynful

Good morning world! This isn’t going to be my usual type of fashion post. Well…it is because of course I get to credit the awesomeness that I’m wearing, but this is about something far more important: BREASTS. That’s right; boobs, funbags, dirty pillows, baby feeders, fun for everyone, good old fashion BREASTESES!

Photo credit: foxiekittydavina resident aka Dominque Davina on Facebook

Okay! Now that I’ve got your attention…let’s go over some facts about breast cancer (note: all of these facts were copied and pasted from http://www.breastcancer.org):

  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women — 12% — will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • In 2016, an estimated 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed, along with 61,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer (also known as carcinoma in situ). About 40,450 women are expected to die in 2016 from breast cancer, though there has been a decrease in death rates since 1989, with larger decreases in women under 50. These decreases are thought to be the result of treatment advancements, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness.
  • For women in the United States, breast cancer death rates are higher than death rates for any other type of cancer, besides lung cancer.
  • Except for skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. In 2016, it’s estimated that just under 30% of cancers diagnosed in women will be breast cancers.
  • In women under 45, breast cancer is more common in African-American women than white women. Overall, African-American women are more likely to die of breast cancer. For Asian, Hispanic, and Native-American women, the risk of developing and dying from breast cancer is lower.
  • As of June 2016, there were more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. This figure includes women currently being treated and women who have finished treatment.
  • A woman’s risk of breast cancer nearly doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Less than 15% of women who get breast cancer have a family member who has been diagnosed with it.
  • About 5-10% of breast cancers are thought to be caused by inherited gene mutations (abnormal changes passed through families).
  • Mutations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are the most common. Women with a BRCA1 mutation have, on average, a 55-65% risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes. For women with a BRCA2 mutation, the lifetime risk is 45%. An increased ovarian cancer risk is also associated with these genetic mutations.
  • The most significant risk factors for breast cancer are gender (being a woman) and age (growing older).

What can YOU do to help? Well for starters, come out to today’s event!

Photo credit: foxiekittydavina resident aka Dominque Davina on Facebook

Join me, DJ ZaBaby, DJ Lioness, DJ Xxxplosive, the brothers of ΓΝΘ – Gamma Nu Theta SL Fraternity and the sisters of Alpha Kai Delta SL Sorority for an afternoon of good music, a walk for cancer, a carnival and an all around kick-ass time!!  Donations will be going to the Look Good Feel Better Organization, a wonderful non-profit that is helping women with cancer look and feel their best.  And even if you can’t make it tonight but want to show your support, please contact photographer Dominique Davina (foxiekittydavina resident inworld) to have your photo taken.  Photos are L$250 and all money will be going to the charity as well.

Alright folks! Let’s look good, feel better and beat the hell out of this cancer thang!  Come walk and party with us today! ❤


❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Avena –  black & whites [SLurl | MP]
Dress: [Cynful] Tangled Dress – Fatpack [SLurlMP-1/MP-2]
Necklace: GeWunjo : Finetta Silver Diamond [SLurl | MP]

Head: CATWA HEAD Tumble [SLurl | MP]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl | Not sold on MP]
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual v2.4 [SLurl | MP]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack [SLurl | MP]

Nail Polish: LIVIA::Star Bliss Nails *Addicted to Appliers Hunt* [SLurl | MP]
Skin: DyVersatile Skins Nicole (uses Omega, Maitreya and Slink Appliers [SLurl | MP]

*Shape & eyes information: unavailable


One World, One Pulse

Good moooorning!

So a lot going on, but wanted to try to get this out before the day gets away.  Okay! So if you are not sure of what Pulse is, on June 12, 2016 over 50 people were shot and killed in a gruesome mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, a night club that caters to the LGBT community.  This tragedy is one of the largest mass shootings in recent US History (meaning 100 years or less) and has devastated not only the families and friends of Orlando, but the world at large.

By Cynful, available at the Pulse Fundraiser.

One hundred designers (and more) from across the globe have joined together and are raising money that will go directly to the families of this horrible tragedy via Equity Florida, the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization.

With special exclusive items, discounted items and select colors all with some percentage going to this wonderful cause, you can’t NOT want to go pick up something from this event. Sooooo…to help you pick what you liiike…here’s a full out spread of all the items currently available at the event. Apologies ahead of time for not having the designers names with every shot; it’s a lot there and lag is going to be incredible (so script DOWN, bring your particles DOWN, bring your draw distance DOWN)!  So without further ado…here’s the catalog!

Click to access flickr photo album…

Pulse Fundraiser

There’s also an auction going on where a lot of residents are participating … including me! All funds raised go to the cause!

So go check it out! June 28 – July 12, 2016! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fuyumi/136/128/28

Have a great afternoon all and I’ll see ya later!


❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: >TRUTH< Cyndi –  black & whites [SLurl | MP]
Dress: [Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress – Pulse Rainbow Special @ Pulse Fundraiser [SLurl | MP-1/MP-2]
Shoes: N-core CINQ “Fatpack” (for Maitreya High Feet) [SLurl |MP]

Earring: {HJ} Simplicity Diamond Stud Earrings [MP]
Ring (Right Hand): :Diamante: Mystique – Diamond Ring [SLurl | MP]
Ring (Left Hand): Izzie’s – Midi Rings (silver) [SLurl | MP]

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl]
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual v2.4 [SLurl]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack [SLurl]

Poses: part of KJIm Poses: Female Pose Pack #1 [SLurl | MP] (Coming soon – purse not included)

*Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable

Even good luck needs a bit of help to be saved…

Elephants are awesome.  Flat out AWESOME!  And on top of being awesome, they’re considered good luck in the Hindu faith and used in Feng-Shui to bring good luck to the home. As signs of wisdom, fertility and good luck (just to name a few of their awesome symbolic qualities), it’s no wonder why they’re so awesome.

Image is from http://fin6.com
Image is from http://fin6.com

I have always liked elephants. It could be from the storybook my RL mom bought for me when I was little: The Saggy, Baggy Elephant. She had purchased me the books that came with the little record and a record player so that I could listen and look at the pictures. My mom claims (and I’ll just chock it up to bias…and her being crazy as a loon…JUST KIDDING…maybe! :P) that before too long, I was reading along with the books; all of them. At 3? REALLY, MOM?!? I don’t remember this, but I do remember the book “The Saggy, Baggy Elephant“. Anyway, I remember having all sorts of stuffies (that’s stuffed animals for us older folks) here and there of everything but elephants…yet they’re the ones I adored the most of real animals (unless teddy bears count as real animals, the YOU LOSE elephant!).  I have even dressed up in Dumbo hats on Halloween (I think it’s the ears…I dunno…but does it matter? Elephants ROCK!). Anyway, one day my job was having a toy sale and lo and behold, I found not only one elephant, but an elephant and her baby (yaaaaayness)! And yup, you guessed it…I bought it. It now resides in my home and I couldn’t be happier!

Side Note on Elephants: Elephants are a symbol of good luck, wisdom, fertility and protection (just to name a few) in both the Hindu faith and used in Feng-Shui for good luck. They’re herbivores, use their ears to stay cool, their trunks to reach things that are too far (and toss water on their backs hehehe) and tend to stay near the water.  The women are called cows, the men bulls and the babies calves.  They travel in herds and it’s usually women who travel together (or with their babies) the oldest leading the herd.  Male elephants leave the herd when they’re adults and live on their own or with other males, but will come around a heard when it’s mating time (oooooh!).  They communicate using touch, sight, smell and sound (infrared & seismic for long distances) and are just all around cute! Sadly, elephants in all their beauty are being poached for their tusks (you know the pointy white, sometimes bone-colored things that poke out on either side of their trunks), which are pure ivory, something that people use for jewelry among other things. They’re also put into zoos and circuses for display and in some countries are used as work animals and/or war animals.  Also elephants…veeeeeeeery intelligent and likened to primates and whales as far as how smart they are.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), African elephants are listed as vulnerable (meaning that if circumstances that are threatening their reproduction and habits aren’t improved, they’ll be listed as endangered) and Asian elephants are already on the endangered species list. Which brings me back to the point of this post…shopping! After joygasming over several elephants I saw at Patron, my sister Dutchess found this gorgeous jewelry set from Chop Zuey called “When Elephants Dream” (seen below). But this set is special. Not only because my sister of awesome gave it to me, but because it’s going for a very special cause: to save the elephants.

Photography by Dutchess Buttons
Photography by Dutchess Buttons

This gorgeous set features exquisite texturing of a black smoothed ivory for the tusks used for both the earrings and necklace and a gold, diamond encrusted elephant as the necklace’s main feature. Set with a chain along the back to hold it in place, this necklace makes a great choker-like bauble and will be sure to class up any outfit.  And the best part???  YOU’RE SAVING ELEPHANTS BY BUYING IT AND WEARING IT!! Scooooore!

How you ask? 100% of the sales of this set (on sale until December 31, 2013) are going to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to help raise money for both endangered elephants all over the world. 


Soooooooooooo if you are still picking up end-of-season gifts, or gifts of any kind or just want to treat yourself to something pretty rad AND be socially responsible at the same time, head down to Chop Zuey and pick up this amazing set. Not only will you be helping save elephants (and good luck as well), it won’t put a huge dent in your pocket!

If you want more information on elephants and/or Ivory trafficking, please visit: http://www.fws.gov/http://www.wildaid.org/elephantshttp://www.cnn.com/http://www.usnews.com/ or http://worldwildlife.org/species/elephant.

Happy holidays everyone!


Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey – When Elephants Dream Set [SLurl] *100% of all sales of this piece go to WWF!

Top: Zaara – name of top – [SLurl]

Pants: Zaara – name of top – [SLurl]

Shoes: N-Core Zen Fat Pack [SLurl]

Hair: ETD Lydia Obsidian (no longer sold)

Photo Credit: Dutchess Button

Pink Ribbon Fair Gets Devilishly Delicious…

Good morning!!

Tomorrow starts the Pink Ribbon Fair, a fundraising event working in conjunction with Relay for Life to help stomp out cancer by donating to research in hopes of finding a cure.  One of my good friends, Miss Dev Damone of Devilish Designs, along with my sister-in-law (who I hope to blog over the weekend) are both in the Pink Ribbon Fair!!

Pink Ribbon Fair Devilish Designs
Devilish Designs PRF Exclusive Intoxicating Pink Floral Bra/Panty Set

150 designers from across the grid have united in the theme of PINK to contribute designs and efforts to help fight this horrible and ever evolving disease.  Per their website, “Designers have created 1 exclusive pink item for the cause. All the earned profit from those exclusive items will go directly to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer. Yeah! 100% to charity!”

So not only have these stores created wonderful fashions for this event, but also have decided to contribute their efforts FOR FREE.

Speaking of free, there will also be a hunt throughout the sim during this time, also items from the featured designers and free free free! Devil’s item is the featured picture and it is HOT HOT HOT!!

To find out more about the Pink Ribbon Fair and what YOU can do to help, please visit: http://pinkribbonfair.blogspot.ca

Ciao for now, kids. I’m off to work!


model: TheAccountant Banx

*outfit: Devilish Designs – exclusive for the Pink Ribbon Fair
*outfit on featured picture: Devilish Designs Hunt Item – exclusive ONLY at the Pink Ribbon Fair
shape: Custom made by Kilolo Jenkins
skin: Tuty’s_ Josie cream skin – classy (FREE)
hair: *Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary Hair (Black) (FREE)
eyes: poetic colors – autumn moon – freebie eyes (FREE and Mesh)

poses: Diesel Works
location: my rundown studio

One Voice: Strippin’ Down for a Cause! (well sort of…)

UPDATE: This event has been extended to June 22, 2012!!!

One Voice: Strippin' Down for a Cause! (well sort of...)

Imagine logging in one day after working really hard on an item that you have toiled with for months only to find someone has literally cut and pasted (aka copybotting/stealing) your work.

Not only is your work now copied by someone else, you’ve been banned after years of good standing in the SL community and your items returned and condemned to your inventory never to see the light of day again.  Now imagine that this, while not being your full RL income, greatly supplements it.  In this day and age EVERY penny counts, so imagine what it feels like to have someone take your wallet and grin smugly knowing they just robbed you blind and now YOU have to pay for it.

While I’m not saying that this is what actually happened…it very well could be…

Good Morning lovelies!!

Apologies for the deceptive title, but I am NOT taking all of my clothes off for this or any other post. 😛

But I am glad you stuck around this long! 🙂

As many have heard, be it through the grapevine, on fashion feeds, in personal blogs, on facebook, there has been a HUGE controversy and tragedy in the Hush Skins (Hush Darkrose inworld) vs. Curio Skins (Gala Phoenix inworld) legal battle that has been going strong for over a year. Not sure what I’m talking about? Have a look at this small summary from Blacklace (our featured fashion in this morning’s picture) as well as the additional links provided below.

In a notecard from Blacklace Lingerie posted earlier this weekend in group notices:

Gala filed a DMCA against Hush for stealing her work. Hush counter filed, copyrighted those skins in Canada as her own work, then filed a copyright infringement case against Gala. Gala’s Curio skins were subsequently removed, she was temporarily banned, and her skins will stay removed until the case that she has now filed against Hush in the US, is settled. This could take up to a year and $20,000 in legal fees.

You can read a post which includes a more detailed explanation from Gala herself here: http://curioonline.org/2012/07/05/curio-news-release/

This is more than just a dispute between 2 skin store owners. This is a situation that could happen to any creator and could have long-standing implications for the creative future of SL.

One Voice is an event to raise money for Gala’s legal fees, but it is also the community standing together and saying “we WILL fight you, thieves, no matter what it takes or how much it costs”, and we at Blacklace are proud to stand up alongside the rest and help in any way we can.

100% of proceeds from the Phoenix corset will be donated to the fund. 

Blacklace along with a slew of stores inworld have banded together to help Gala raise the $20,000 USD that she will need to battle Hush Skins.

Now I know that is a lot of money, but let’s face it…with the amount of money we spend in linden…this is NOTHING.

Intellectual property is a HUGE deal and this is what the DMCA helps protect along with your copyrights for your work.  If Curio loses this case…it stands to greatly hinder our intellectual property rights as put forth by Linden Labs and SL.

One Voice: Strippin' Down for a Cause! (well sort of...)

This gorgeous corset will probably at best cost $298L … at best.  But you’ll not only be looking GLORIOUS (check out the detail above…just sayin’), you’ll also be helping your fellow man in the process.

If you can, there are a few stores that have kiosks in their stores taking donations for this cause (I dropped off donation from myself and !Stare! owner, Talah Magic at Devilish Designs, so I know that kiosk works!).  So be sure to check your group notices, your subscribo notices and all of that to see what YOU can do to help.  She’s not just fighting for Curio Skins; she represents all content creators that this has happened to (who keep having it happen to them). So come on down to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesh/197/130/23 and help our fellow creator!

Ciao for now kiddos!!


hair: Dernier Cri
outfit: Blacklace Lingerie [* promotional item]
shoes: N-Core
jewelry:  Bandit Jewelry
pose: Glitterati (SLurl forthcoming)

Other stores in this fundraiser are below:

Belleza ~ Glam Affair ~ League ~ Ingenue ~ Aura ~ OneBadPixel ~ Exile ~ Luck inc ~ A.D.D. Andel ~ Pink Fuel ~ Laqroki ~ Solange ~ N-Core ~ Amorous ~ LouLou & Co ~ Body Doubles ~ IKON ~ Mon Cherie ~ This is a Fawn ~ Bare Rose ~ Wet Cat ~ Purple Moon ~ Indyra Originals ~ E! Apparel & Accessories ~ elymode ~ Al Vulo ~ Lust Shapes ~ Vanity Hair ~ Curious Kitties ~ Manna ~ Lassitude & Ennui ~ RC Cluster ~ Ducknipple ~ Saviore Fair/Aphrodisiac ~ *Anymore ~ DCD ~ BOOM ~ Lisp Bazaar ~ Flowey ~ La Petite Morte ~ Contraption ~ HOD ~ Divalicious ~ Ego Co ~ MINA Hair ~ RnB Furniture ~ Kinki Animations ~ Medley ~ Faerycat Designs ~ By Snow ~ Insationable Designs ~ Essences ~ ANNA Shapes ~ Delusions/Sweet Tart ~ Sakide ~ Nzuri ~ {me} Jewelry ~ Pulse Skins ~ CoLLisions ~ HANDverk ~ Chop Zuey ~ AlterEgo ~ SAX Shepard Designs
Blacklace ~ Bent ~ Amarelo Manga ~ Laura Hurley Skins ~ The Sea Hole ~ Toki-Doki ~ Mela’s ~ La Galleria ~ Culprit ~ Censored ~ Art Dummy ~ Zibska/Zibware ~ Razorblade Jacket ~ Chandelle Designs ~ Ana-Mations ~ Prodigal ~ Wasabi Pills ~ Fri.Day ~ Holli Pocket ~ Liquid Honey ~ Don’t Freak Out ~ TuttiFruitti ~ Ever an Angel ~ cHelle ~ Shush ~ Adorkable ~ Virtual Insanity ~ Avisage ~ Blah ~ A and S Visions ~ Gorean Rose ~ Zwicked Textures ~ Candydoll ~ Burner Engine Works