Talking in Your Sleep

I have forewarned people of this in all lives: SOMETIMES…I TALK IN MY SLEEP.  Seriously! My mom used to get so frustrated with me IRL because she’d have these full conversations with me when I’d get up to pee; asking me to do things or remember something. And the next morning it was like a blank slate: nothing there.

That being said…I’m on this GLORIOUS family vacation cruise right now inworld to Positano Italy (we leave tomorrow *long slow tears*) with International Elite Travel and my first night, I may have overindulged on all things food oriented. I don’t know what I ate but sufficed to say that when I went to bed, food coma hit hard.

Aaaanyway, the next morning I got up and went down to breakfast and my fellow passengers said I was blurting things out in my sleep. I have no idea what I was saying. But they mentioned pizza, cookie cutters and random blurbs. This definitely aligns with real life incidents where I have fallen asleep and then had full blown conversations there too.  Nutty right?

Maybe tonight’s sleep will be better. LOL Maybe…

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Clothing & Accessories

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: #Foxy – Romee Hair (Grayscales)
  • 🍀 Eyelashes: ::SG:: Lana Shadow AKERUKA AND OMEGA HEADS @ Ultra Event
  • 🍀 Lipstick: .KC. Afrodisiac Collections Pack @ Designer Showcase
  • All other body basics found here.

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So many things happening all at once.  First life worries are stressing me out, majorly.  And though I have a birthday coming, it’s not quite quelling the issues I’m going through there. Thankfully I can come in here and I get to see the joy and the beauty of the blessings that bring me smiles, laughter and gratitude in both worlds. My only major stress at this point is finding clothes to fit my ever increasing baby bump, making sure I look as good as I feel for the life growing inside me. Because mommy can’t be looking a hot mess or like a ragamuffin! I’m just saying… 😛

I love this dress from Cynful. It fit me perfectly and I must say, it made my bump look faaaabulous!  It’s a great item for all sizes, but showcases that beautiful bump perfectly.  Anyway, after a long day of searching for things to pack for our family vacation and getting things squared away for taht, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a load off and work on this afghan a little bit more before the baby arrives.  Thankfully the farm is quiet enough for me to just chill out and do just that.  Ahhh….this is the life.

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Clothing & Accessories

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *ANDREA* -BLACK/WHITE (former Tres Chic item)
  • All other body basics found here.

Decor & Other Information

  • Chair: beYou Muskoka Chair (knitting function & items included)

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The Calystegia aka Morning Glory is a flowering, trumpet-shaped flower.  It comes in rather light colors and is so beautiful, especially when in full bloom. It’s also the name of one of the latest releases from Glamistry!  This gorgeous sandal is perfect for your lighter moods and days.  Sporting 12 colors that include both summery pastels and wonderful fall tones, this shoe is versatile and can be paired with jeans, a cute dress or some stylish capris.

Yesterday, I saw this cute little Burberry style maternity dress and had to get it.  So I figured, why not pair it with these saucy little sandal heels? And work it I diiiiid! Like only a true diva can! *snaps and waddles around all preggers*  I sat on the porch with my 2nd youngest, watching my youngest play outside (we won’t discuss her trying to kill us with cake, chicken nuggets and a poo gun… >.>) and later…like the shopoholics we are, decided time to landscape so this little ensemble and I went sim hopping to find what we were looking for.


But waking up today on my day off, I needed to be a bit more relaxed so I could work on my term paper (I’m a part time college student irl on top of working part time…yay never resting!).  So today…I parked it in one of our big chairs in this adorable hippy dress my daughter Kaysha gave me.  Not wanting to be barefoot, I slipped back into my gorgeous new heels and within a few clicks my sassy Calystegia’s became hippie sandals and this college student was styling and typing away!


In case you missed it, I am completely in love with these shoes. Like…I don’t want to take them off I’m so in love with these shoes. Hell…I might birth the baby in these shoes! LOL (No. I’m not kidding.)

Ok…enough from me for the day. Time to work on a new store release…oooh yeah I said it!

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Outfit #1

Dress: Tunic for pregnant “Samanta” Mesh  from  Plaid Beige [MP link]

Outfit #2

Dress: Pregnancy kit Mesh Blue/White [no mp link avail. was a gift]

Hair & Accessories

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lea Mesh Hair – Night Shadow (you’ll need to do a little tinting to the hair base to keep the edges black if you are wearing a darker skin) [SLurl]
Baby hairs hairbase: Unorthodox Frenchie Hair Base Nior [SLurl]
Bracelet: Noodles – Mother Bracelet Silver [no slurl avail. was a gift]
Necklace: [tea.s] Princess Monogram Necklace – M [no slurl avail. was a gift]
Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -38- Classy [SLurl]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High [SLurl]
Shoes: Glamistry – CALYSTEGIA Heels [PF1009] [SLurl]

Shape, skin & eyes: unavailable