Isn’t It Romantic?

Isn't It Romantic?

He said to wear the dress I wore on our first date. He said he had a surprise for me.  What I didn’t expect was Wooing, extreme edition. I mean it’s hella romantic. But…risking life and limb to bring me a donut in the dead of night so as to not wake the house? I dunno…

Points to him for creativity, though!

❤ Kilo


Clothing, Makeup & Accessories

On Kilo

  • ☘ Dress: .Q. Hauteur -FATPACK- [GenXC,,Reborn,Legacy,Lara,Kupra.Peach] @ The Grand Event
  • ☘ Shoes: .Q. Hauteur HLS -FTPCK- [GenXC,,Reborn,Legacy,Lara,Kupra.Peach] @ The Grand Event
  • arrings: ~~ Ysoral ~~.:Luxe Earring phoebe:.(Evo X)
  • Bracelet: BIJOU :: Baby&Me Bracelet – Mama
  • ☘ Hair: Unorthodox Flow Curls
  • All other body basics not listed can be found here.

On Dexter

  • Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) Special Edition (1.5.1)
  • ☘ Skin (head): [LERONSO] Skin for Evo X TRRELL – 09 (Stray Dog)
  • Skin (body): Stray Dog – Legacy Skin – TONE 09
  • Hairbase: Unorthodox Stubble Hairbase Noir [Evo X]
  • Eyebrows: [MTS] – Benjamin Eyebrow ( 3 )
  • Beardbase: Unorthodox Kash Beardbase Noir [Evo X]
  • Head: LeLUTKA Luka Head 3.1
  • Outfit: FT – Van White
  • Earrings: RAWR! Zireail HUMAN EvoX
  • Earrings Ring: ~~ Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Index Ring Alen:.(Legacy)

Background & Other Information

  • ☘Bouquet: Junk Food – Donut Bouquet @ N21
  • Backdrop: TROPIX // Apartment Balcony 04
  • Furniture: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cozy Balcony (heavily modified to use only furniture)
  • Pose: Unavailable, homemade
  • Mirror: Fancy Decor: Nannerl Mirror
  • Additional Lighting by Lumipro

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Working Through It

Working Through It

He’s been in his head, working through so many things.  And the only thing bringing him clarity is this motivation that’s pushing him beyond his limits.  As he sorts out his issues, he’s punching his way through his demons…one shadow at a time.  He’s going to defeat this darkness in him. He’s going to work through it.

He’s his own worst enemy and he knows it. But he’s pushing, he’s working and he will find his way out of the dark.

❤ Kilo

Clothing & Accessories

  • Hand Wraps: Feroz – Vendas II (hands bandages)
  • Shorts: KJIm – Work in Progress (coming soon)

Body & Makeup Information

Background & Additional Information

  • Gym & Equipment: TROPIX // NPNG GYM – FATPACK
    • Boxing Ring: TROPIX // NPNG GYM – RING – RARE 2
  • Chair: [VOZ] Folding Chair (Shabby)
  • Pose & Facial Expressions: self-made with LeLUTKA Axis Hud

Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.