Welcome to my blog.

This project is taking a step in a little bit of a different direction.  It will be about more than just fashion.

Yes it will primarily be a shopping blog, but also hopefully a sightseeing section and some op-ed will be thrown in (more than the typical buy this, it’s cute).

As a disclaimer, I typically blog what I buy.  If I do receive gifts, and I feel they fit my personal taste, I will blog about them.

But don’t mistake giving me a gift as a guarantee that what I have to say is going to be what you want to hear or that it will be anything nice.  If something is bad, I will either say so or I will simply not blog it.

I also want to work on featuring some creators, so I’m keeping my eye out for that as well.

Anywho, welcome.  Hopefully you’ll like it.

Kilolo (pronounced KEY-LOW-LOW)


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