Kilolo Jenkins is a blogger, fashion designer, freelance DJ and much more to be discovered.

This blog is my second since I’ve been in SL. While it is mostly about fashion, I also try to blog about places I’ve seen, home & garden when I can, events I’ve attended and things I find interesting; sometimes personal insight from my RL as well.

Although I have several sponsors for whom I am most thankful, I mostly blog the things I buy that I find worth sharing. I also make a lot of my own modifications to the poses I’m using or use poses I’ve made and sell in the pose department of my store, KJ Immortal (KJIm).

While I welcome review copies, I can not guarantee that items received outside of my regular sponsors will be blogged as I want to make sure I always reflect items that fit my style at the time of posting.

I hope you enjoy this visual of just a piece of what SL has to offer.  Thank you for visiting.

See you around the grid!

❤ Miss Kilo


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