Saying Yes


I am a people watcher. And in SL, I see more of what I saw IRL among the people here. A lot of us…we are all alike in many ways; especially in how we treat ourselves. It may manifest itself differently from person to person, but the base premise comes from the same place.  And while some revel in it and/or embrace it, some of us torture ourselves with it trying to find a way out…but not always succeeding. I often see so many of us say yes to the wrong things and the wrong people because of our inner struggles of saying yes to ourselves.

So many of us are so quick and able to give the most intimate parts of ourselves to others but then become incredibly stingy and hesitant to give those same gifts to ourselves.  Things like trust, awareness, time, affection, care, love, respect and validation; these are all things we tend to give in hopes of receiving them from others but are so quick to deny ourselves. We rationalize how if we have this person or that person or any person in our lives that we can only then be happy/feel complete/be whole.

But in the same vain, we’re also a people that will uplift and try to instill those same values in our friends who may be suffering as we are in hopes that they too don’t fall into that same pit we live in.  Not because we don’t want to be alone; but because we don’t always feel worthy of the things we give so freely to anyone else.

We say we don’t, but we do.  How do I know this? Because when a relationship of any kind (romantic/platonic/familial…you name it) ends, we always go down the list of all the things we did for that person, stating that they didn’t do the same for us. But do we ever stop and say, “maybe if I had recognized that I deserved all these things in the first place, I wouldn’t have allowed for this to happen to me?”  Probably not. And that’s where the say yes journey should begin.

And I don’t say this to sound like a jerk or bitter or anything that denotes anything other than reality.  We have to treat ourselves better. We have to look into ourselves and figure out who we are, what we want from ourselves and what we want FOR ourselves before we can inflict those expectations on someone else. We have to know who we are and what we really want so we know what we are willing to accept and put up with; what we truly deserve: happiness and fulfillment.  But it starts with looking at yourself honestly and starting to really strip away the layers to get to your inner emotional meatiness and then working on figuring out the rest.

I’ve been on this journey for a while now; learning more about who I am, what I like, what I don’t like, what I want, what I deserve and just what I’m willing to put up with in order to achieve it.  It’s been a hard journey and it gets lonely at times.  But by saying yes to myself, vowing to myself to view myself better and love myself better, I’ve been able to say yes to myself more instead of saying it to the wrong people, situations, ideas or things.

Just a little food for thought on this Wednesday afternoon.

❤ Miss Kilo


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  • Ring: (Yummy) Diamond Solitaire Ring – Maitreya

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The Hell Belle

With a new Hellboy arising, I began to wonder what it would look like if he…were a she.  So I decided to do a little bit of cosplay.


Besides, if Hellboy and Liz did have a daughter, I’m pretty sure this is what she’d look like anyway. 😛

❤ Miss Kilo


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  • Hair: Unorthodox Lex Hair – Noir
    Hairbase: SIIX // Safari Hairbase // Black (included w/ hair)
  • Eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack (used the included hud to customize the sclera)
  • Lipstick: *Booty’s Beauty* Catwa Lipstick ~ Sable (used to make the lip pop more)
  • Skin: Lumae :: Adore – Naamah
    (currently for sale for 100Ls before permanently retired)
  • All other body basics found here.

Pose prop: KJIm works in progress
Area: ~*GOD*~ Dream Scene Bubble Rezzer – Hell Throne

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A Toast to Lunch

My assistant, Carlotta,  and I found this adorable little restaurant off the road toward the vineyard and decided to give the local fare a try.  The waiter offered their homemade house vintage for us to try.  Delightful, I must say; simply delightful.

A Toast to Lunch

❤ Miss Kilo


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Body & Makeup

  • Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair- Auburn TMP & Omega
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  • Nails: >^OeC^< Clawz – Burmese
  • Nail Polish: >^OeC^< Clawz – Burmese – Intro colors
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Shot on location at: Lakeside @ Libentia

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Ra-Ra for Dafnis

Hey chickies!  Dafnis released this really cute shirt dress and I just had to share it with you. Introducing Eloisa.  This cute shirt dress comes in 18 styles all on one hud! And what’s kickass? There is also a set of matching thigh high boots to go with it!


What I really like about it is that you can wear it alone or pair it with some shorts (as seen here). Also…with cute phrases like “Born to Be Wild,” “Cheerleader,” or “Super Momma” you are always making a statement while keeping it just a touch teasingly sexy. Me? I picked cheerleader.  But that was inspired by the music in my head at the time. 😛

You can buy the combo either together as a fat pack or buy the heels separate from the dress.  Available both inworld and on marketplace, go check it out!


❤ Miss Kilo


Hair: Unorthodox Fantasy  Hair – noir [SLurl | MP]
Hairbase: Unorthodox Fantasy Hairbase + OMEGA + TMP Appliers [SLurl | MP]
Dress & Boots: dafnis fat pack eloisa dress and header boots
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Shorts: Gift [ FAKESSI ] High Waist Acid Wash Shorts [SLurl | MP]
 ╚uses the Omega Applier System [MP] [SLurl]
Necklace: GeWunjo : Finetta Silver Diamond [SLurl | MP]
Earrings: {HJ} Simplicity Diamond Stud Earrings [MP]

Head: CATWA HEAD Tumble [SLurl | MP]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl | Not sold on MP]
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual v2.4 [SLurl | MP]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack [SLurl | MP]

Nail Polish: LIVIA::Star Bliss Nails *Addicted to Appliers Hunt* [SLurl | MP]
Skin: DyVersatile Skins Nicole (uses Omega, Maitreya and Slink Appliers [SLurl | MP]

*Shape & eyes information: unavailable

Pose: Diesel Works PolyWall [SLurl | MP]

Soaking Up the Sun

Something I’ve long been remiss in doing is exploring in SL. So in trying to find something new, I stumbled upon a sim that had a lil bit of island lovin’ going on and managed to soak up some rays on this awesome boat!! THIS is the life...
Ahhh…now THIS is the life…

Ahh relaxation at its finest.  I get to bask in the sun, soak up rays, listen to some great music and look faaaaaaaaaaaabulous in one of my favorite pair of heels and bikinis no less! Hayyyyyy…flossin! *snaps*

And after slipping on my new shades by Glamistry available now at Kustom 9, while trying out one of their two exclusive colors for the 21 Shoe event starting tomorrow, I must say…I am set to enjoy my afternoon in the sea.

Now all I need is a hot, well-toned, cabana boy or girl feeding me grapes and spoiling me rotten! Heck…one of each wouldn’t be a bad idea either… 😉

Now…to soak up that sun… enjoyyyyyy



Hair – HOMAGE — Count Contessa : Ravens [SLurl]
Sunglasses – Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2003] (currently on sale at Kustom 9) [SLurl]
Earrings – Erratic / hoop earrings / silver [SLurl]
Outfit – London People – Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Applied to the Maitreya Mesh Body [Marketplace]
Shoes – Glamistry – ANEMUNA Heels [PF1006] (special colors avail for 21 Shoe Event) [SLurl]
Hands & Feet – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual & Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High [SLurl]
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara [SLurl]

*Skin, shape, eyes information: unavailable
Shot on location in Jamaica (bathing suits are required) [SLurl]