You Used to Call Me on My Shell Phone


Here we go again. Prince Eric has stood me up yet again and now he’s calling with some lame excuse as to why.   I’m sure it has something to do with sailing the seven seas for father. This however is date night. And on date night, we’re not supposed to work! I mean for Pete’s sake; if Scuttle can show up on time to show me the latest dinglehoppers, then Eric can at the very least send a homing pigeon to let me know he’s either going to be late or not be here at all! I mean really…did he run into Captain Jack Sparrow or something? Sheesh! Yeah yeah yeah…blah blah blah… *rolls eyes* Now my kelp salad is going to be wilt. Boy bye!

❤ Miss Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • Top: !C Fiona w.texture (BF-BI-BV-Maitreya-HG-PH)
  • Earrings: MG – Earrings – Shell – Teardrop – Sea Pearl
  • Necklace: MG – Serena Seashells and Pearls – The Complete Colllection

Body & Makeup

  • Head: [AK Deluxe] – Maia Bento Head (2018 group gift for limited time – L$150 join fee)
  • Hair: TRUTH VIP Fiji (L$350 group join fee)
  • Eyes: ::SG:: Jersey Gift MESH Eyes And DELUXE-CATWA-LELUTKA APPLIERS @ Jersey Shore
  • Eyelashes: ::SG:: Ginny Lashes AKERUKA DELUXE @ BodyFy Event
  • Eyeshadow: LIVIA::Naomi Eye Shadow/Liner [AK Deluxe]
  • Lipstick: ::SG:: Alina HD Lips for AKERUKA DELUXE Heads @ Swank Event
  • Nails: >^OeC^< Clawz – Burmese
  • Nail Polish: >^OeC^< Neona – Clawz Burmese Polish
  • Shape: KJIm – Stephanie (coming soon)
  • All other body basics found here.

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Beauty in the Details

April had never liked her freckles. To her, they were these god awful battle scars she never asked for. Her life always being one of ridicule for her outward appearance, she vowed to herself to never make anyone feel as bad as she was made to believe she looked.  Then one day, after a random act of kindness, on a day she was feeling especially bad, someone reminded her of her inner beauty and how the freckles were just the outward manifestation of all of the details that made her beautiful.


She sat with it for a moment, thinking to herself. And finally, she felt beauty in her details.

❤ Miss Kilo


Clothing & Accessories

  • Earrings: :: SAGA :: Meow Earrings and Charm w.HUD @ Kustom9 (starts 01/15/2018)
  • Septum Ring: :: SAGA :: Meow Septum w.HUD @ Kustom9 (starts 01/15/2018)
  • Collar: :: SAGA :: Meow Collar w.HUD @ Kustom9 (starts 01/15/2018)
  • Romper: BUENO-Romper-FatPack (former Uber item)

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Miya hair-Basic set
  • Head: CATWA HEAD Uma
  • Eye Applier: *Booty’s Beauty* Catwa & Omega Eyes ~ Fair
  • Eyeshadow: ::SG:: Karley Shadow Catwa @ Swank Event (ends 01/31/2018)
  • Lipstick 1 (top layer): *Booty’s Beauty* Catwa Lipstick ~ Sense
  • Lipstick 2 (bottom layer): Catwa‘s Black lipstick from Catwa Master Hud
  • Nails: ::SG:: Intime BENTO MESH NAILS
  • Skin: Lumae : Catwa – Ruby – T7 Nutmeg / Bare (w/ Freckles option)
  • Shape: KJIm – April Shape (work in progress)
  • All other body basics found here.

Pose Prop: Exposeur – Garden Stones
Additional Lighting by Lumipro.

Sponsored items are in bold; promotional items have an asterisk (*) before the item.


Long distance love can be hard at times…


You’re away from that special person. Desires mount. Longing builds…and you’re left wanting…until your fingers take the walk down the path you wish your lover’s touch would.


I have to admit: though I can’t wait to feel my love’s touch…I love that my love…loves watching …


I dress sexy for my love. Simone by Dafnis helps me give her that something extra to want to play with… strings to pull, lace to tear, all little tools to help…touch…



Clothing & Accessories

  • Lingerie: *dafnis FAT PACK SIMONE – red
  • Shoes: JD – Tiffany Leather
    JD is rebranding and in a temp location for now.
  • Earrings: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey Earrings
    Available at the Rewind: Throwback 90’s Event until 02/28/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Necklace: CODEX_Affair plate for F
    Part of a set.  Can be given to your counterpart.
  • Ring on right finger: {MeaCulpa} Ring O Silver  Leash Holder

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: Magika – 01 – Hunter
  • Eye Shadow: LIVIA::London Liner
  • Lipstick: LIVIA::Natural Shine Lipstick
  • Nail Polish: {ZOZ} Mine in Lust (M/V Duo)
    *now putting out combos for Maitreya and Vista Hands! VERY convenient! 😀
  • Basic Body Information can be found here: Basics

Props & Location

  • Props: .Birch Long Distance Lover – Dildo
    At Kinky Monthly until 02/28/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Furniture: [CIRCA] “Kiss Me” Room Collection
    At the SWANK Event until 02/28/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Room: Metropolitan Skybox by Venue
  • Lighting by Lumipro [SLurl | MP]