My Retro Mesh and a Possessed Shopping Cart

My Retro Mesh and a Possessed Shopping Cart

For those that know me, I have been anti-mesh for quite some time, but have been slowly but sure assimilating to the ‘Borg (aka mesh clothing) and have found styles I genuinely like.

One night I was up late and spied a cute lil mesh dress on FB, a new release from Bitch Tail. I went to the store, saw it up close and drooled (visibly), buying it right away. Sure nuff…it fit me and my personality perfectly. A little busy, but cute…yeah that about sums it up. I also like that while it is a mini-dress, my butt”s not hanging out everywhere. And the butterflies give it the perfect printed look to make it a bit more old school than modern in my book.  But since vintage and retro never go out of style it seems, I give kudos to the look of the dress overall!

As I watched it rez I totally felt very retro and so, in turn…set about completing my look setting about my morning to go sightseeing. I think I saw this place on the SL Facebook page as a place to check out, so…after I arrived to my destination, I snapped a few piccies, after waiting for what felt like a good hour for everything to rez (-.-). Seriously, LL I love SL but please fix your stuff (I was gonna curse but gotta try to keep it clean for the kids lol)!

Anywho…remembering I needed to find something for dinner, I headed over to Le Bistro Interactive (just THE MOST fabulous food store in SL.  I noticed a new addition: a shopping cart!  Anyone who is into the whole family rp experience knows that with families, you have to shop for food.  So I hop onto the shopping cart of win…

Retro Mesh & A Shopping Cart

So as I’m strolling merrily along, perusing the walls of food (glorious food), I’m thinking to myself…epic win!!  Yeah, no (-.-).  This thing is possessed!! Like you go to make a left or right turn and you start chasing your tail like an animal! LOL

No real relevance other than to give my favorite store a shout out for making awesome food and this funny cart.  But seriously…go get on it…just wear a safety helmet!  Ciao for now kids!  I gotta organize my inventory and see what I’ve been buying that I want to share! O.O