One Voice: Strippin’ Down for a Cause! (well sort of…)

UPDATE: This event has been extended to June 22, 2012!!!

One Voice: Strippin' Down for a Cause! (well sort of...)

Imagine logging in one day after working really hard on an item that you have toiled with for months only to find someone has literally cut and pasted (aka copybotting/stealing) your work.

Not only is your work now copied by someone else, you’ve been banned after years of good standing in the SL community and your items returned and condemned to your inventory never to see the light of day again.  Now imagine that this, while not being your full RL income, greatly supplements it.  In this day and age EVERY penny counts, so imagine what it feels like to have someone take your wallet and grin smugly knowing they just robbed you blind and now YOU have to pay for it.

While I’m not saying that this is what actually happened…it very well could be…

Good Morning lovelies!!

Apologies for the deceptive title, but I am NOT taking all of my clothes off for this or any other post. 😛

But I am glad you stuck around this long! 🙂

As many have heard, be it through the grapevine, on fashion feeds, in personal blogs, on facebook, there has been a HUGE controversy and tragedy in the Hush Skins (Hush Darkrose inworld) vs. Curio Skins (Gala Phoenix inworld) legal battle that has been going strong for over a year. Not sure what I’m talking about? Have a look at this small summary from Blacklace (our featured fashion in this morning’s picture) as well as the additional links provided below.

In a notecard from Blacklace Lingerie posted earlier this weekend in group notices:

Gala filed a DMCA against Hush for stealing her work. Hush counter filed, copyrighted those skins in Canada as her own work, then filed a copyright infringement case against Gala. Gala’s Curio skins were subsequently removed, she was temporarily banned, and her skins will stay removed until the case that she has now filed against Hush in the US, is settled. This could take up to a year and $20,000 in legal fees.

You can read a post which includes a more detailed explanation from Gala herself here:

This is more than just a dispute between 2 skin store owners. This is a situation that could happen to any creator and could have long-standing implications for the creative future of SL.

One Voice is an event to raise money for Gala’s legal fees, but it is also the community standing together and saying “we WILL fight you, thieves, no matter what it takes or how much it costs”, and we at Blacklace are proud to stand up alongside the rest and help in any way we can.

100% of proceeds from the Phoenix corset will be donated to the fund. 

Blacklace along with a slew of stores inworld have banded together to help Gala raise the $20,000 USD that she will need to battle Hush Skins.

Now I know that is a lot of money, but let’s face it…with the amount of money we spend in linden…this is NOTHING.

Intellectual property is a HUGE deal and this is what the DMCA helps protect along with your copyrights for your work.  If Curio loses this case…it stands to greatly hinder our intellectual property rights as put forth by Linden Labs and SL.

One Voice: Strippin' Down for a Cause! (well sort of...)

This gorgeous corset will probably at best cost $298L … at best.  But you’ll not only be looking GLORIOUS (check out the detail above…just sayin’), you’ll also be helping your fellow man in the process.

If you can, there are a few stores that have kiosks in their stores taking donations for this cause (I dropped off donation from myself and !Stare! owner, Talah Magic at Devilish Designs, so I know that kiosk works!).  So be sure to check your group notices, your subscribo notices and all of that to see what YOU can do to help.  She’s not just fighting for Curio Skins; she represents all content creators that this has happened to (who keep having it happen to them). So come on down to and help our fellow creator!

Ciao for now kiddos!!


hair: Dernier Cri
outfit: Blacklace Lingerie [* promotional item]
shoes: N-Core
jewelry:  Bandit Jewelry
pose: Glitterati (SLurl forthcoming)

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